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Meetic - This in-depth review was last updated November 2008.

Meetic is an international service with internet locations in:
United Kingdom; Austria; Belgium; Denmark; France; Germany; Italy; Netherlands; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; China; Brasil; Asia; Luxembourg; Poland; Portugal; International: Spanish; English.

Meetic offers internet websites and 'wap-enabled' cell phone connections (when subscribed, where available) to allow you to expand your circle of friends, find dates and matches to enhance your social life.

Your basic membership is free and offers a lot of services to get you involved with the meetic features including searches. However, one of the membership options is required to make Meetic your meeting place of choice and have access to all features including contacting other members.

There are 5 sections to your profile that should be competed as much as you are comfortable with providing you personal information after you have completed the fairly simple registration process.

Additional areas that you need to complete to make your membership as positive an experience as possible:

My Email: your contact information to use with your account;
My Profile: section to complete to tell others about yourself;
My meetshake: two sections to aid in compatibility matches, one for who you are looking for and one section to define what the other person is looking for in you. Click the 'meetshake' button and start contacting your matches!

Your account page also helps you to keep track of your contacts, the members that you've visited and added to your selection page, your friends page that allows you to send notifications to other members that you want to be their friend and have easy access to see if they are online and to visit their profile (this feature is similar to making someone a favorite of yours and can be declined by the person you send the friend request to). And finally your blacklist section that keeps track of he members you do not want to contact you.


Basic Features

Premium Features

Profile Questionnaire

Membership Pricing

"Write Your Own Review" Responses

Contact Info: For complaints or inquiries about the Meetic service use the on-site contact form on the applicable country contact help page or send an addressed postal letter to:

Meetic BP 109, 92106 BOULOGNE Cedex, France

Disclaimer: Please note that all screenshots, graphics and information remains the property of their respective owners and is used here for informational and reviewer purposes only. The information presented here was current at the time of publication but may change by the time you visit the service reviewed. The opinions are solely those of the staff and may not be reprinted, in whole or in part, without prior written permission. © 2002-2007, cheerful attitude web design ltd. and Robert Lee

Basic Features




Screenshot of Home Page (Click to view)
Meetic UK Home Page

Free services for all members:

Searches including the 'Photo Zap" feature that displays a random photo gallery of members. Click their image and read their profile

Personal profile page

Add photos

Record voice ad

Send teases

Meetic service will send emails to you of people that have sent 'teases' and email messages to you. As well you will receive messages from Meetic of new members that have joined that fit your 'meetshake' compatibility selections, messages when someone visits your page and other options. You can select to receive messages (this is on by default) or opt out of being sent any or all messages from the "My Account" page.


Premium Features

These features are available to all subscribed members or members paying by 'krediz'

* Email other members
* Chat to other singles online
* Search with Meetshake
* Surf the ad-free version of meetic
* Get premium customer service


Profile Questionnaire


Two step registration asks basic information and some personal information begin your membership.

Complete the basic registration and you are a member. Continue to add additional information you are comfortable sharing with others online by completing the additional sections and questions, add photos of yourself to complete your personal profile.


Membership Pricing


Pricing is current only as of the posting of this review and is subject to change without notice. There are a variety of membership offers, terms and pricing models for each country service. Below is the current pricing for Please check the FAQ for pricing on your country Meetic site after you login as a free member to get current pricing information. "Krediz" are the currency (unique to Meetic only) to pay for services.

Purchase a subscription pass and have unlimited use of the web based meetic features:

1 month meetic pass: £20.35 / month
3 month meetic pass: £13.65 / month Debited in one single payment of £40.95
12 month meetic pass: £6.85 / month Debited in one single payment of £82.20

Purchase "krediz" and use them as you use meetic services:

Send an e-mail message 50 krediz
Read an e-mail message: 50 krediz
Send a chat message (pop): 50 krediz (1 debit per conversation)
Use of our filters: 5 krediz
Scanning of your photos by mail : 500 krediz (0 krediz for members with a meetic PASS)

You can buy krediz by bank card from the site starting at 1 euro cent per krediz.

When post your first photo, voice ad, mobile number, meetic gives you a 50 krediz bonus.
meetic also offers you 50 krediz on your birthday.


"Write Your Own Review" Responses


We have one "Write Your Own Review" responses for this service. If you are interested in supplying us with a review of this service please read more about this feature here.

My experience with MEETIC.COM/.FR (August 2 2006)
A total disastrous experience with this site !! It might be one of the biggest around, BUT it certainly ranks in the top 3 of the crappiest sites that i've ever had the misfortune of dealing with, and i'm glad that no money parted company before i'd discovered the total waste of time that it is.

They took nearly a week to post my profile - i can understand them having to read and translate from english, what with it being a french site - BUT mine was written in both French and English so it wouldn't have taken them more than 5 minutes to process it ( and yes, after 12yrs in France i DO know how to read and write the language properly !! ).

They then proceeded to doctor my profile and cut out the french section that i had written ( maybe because it was on the UK side of their site, who knows, i never got an answer as to why ) .. AND they cut the usual "I'm a standard member and cannot reply at the moment, so leave details in your message if you wish me to write back" message in my profile.

They also totally mutilated my profile photo that was totally compliant with their ToS to such a point that it was more THEIR version of ME than me. I had no satisfactory answer to their arbitrary mutilation of my photo either. Did i mention that it took them nearly a week to post that up too >> and what they did finally post up was HALF of my face !!

I could understand a slight delay in dealing with requests and questions, but when it's done in their own language and it takes them over a week to answer WITH AN AUTOMATED AND TOTALLY USELESS AND IRRELEVANT ANSWER, then it does leave a bad taste in one's mouth.

All that plus the fact that the site is hard to navigate, is crowded with too many things on the page and a general overall shambles leaves me no choice but to warn people to STAY AWAY from it like the plague !!

A complete waste of time, effort and energy. There are many other singles sites out there that are much better in every way, easier to use, have much more friendly site operators and CHEAPER too.

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Rating ZERO out of .. well, just ZERO as it's a total waste of time.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

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