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Rob, Webmaster of aLoveLinksPlus.comMy name is Rob and I am the webmaster of
I have been visiting, joining and reviewing online dating services since 1997. I have personally visited thousands of online dating services, become a member of hundreds more and completed and posted reviews of now more than 500 services on with more than 300 of them active. (Online services that are no longer operating or no longer recommended have their own "delisted" area).

Dating services are an interesting business.

Few enterprises work so hard to make sure you're not a returning customer, that they can fulfill your desires and not have you come back. Dating services generally work for a high turnover of members because most people don't stick around after three or four months. And the choice of dating service you make greatly affects the success you'll find.

Whether a Top Ten dating service is best suited for you, or a smaller niche dating service will suit your needs is a question best answered by yourself.

What you will find here are fair-minded reviews based on our more than 12 years experience visiting, rating and using online dating services. We hope you'll find our information and explanations useful in your online dating adventure. Good luck!

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I am available for comments, interviews, etc., using the contact information here.

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I started in March 1999. At that time I felt that the single people that were online needed a place that would tell them which dating services that would be right for them. An experienced voice that would steer them to the right online personals service so they could meet their true love online as I did.

Because my life is proof that you can meet your true match online.

I have often received, over the years, emails asking why the reviews of dating services are not more critical, why the reviews are of dating services that are good and useful instead of dating services that are not very good. The simple reason is: it used to be this way. With a keen eye and anywhere from 2 to 6 hours review time per online dating service (oftentimes much more) I would visit, join and critically review a dating service.

I would then email the people in charge of the website with the results of my review. They would make changes.

I would re-review the service. They would make changes. This became an ongoing task with constant revisions to maintain accurate and timely reviews at

Now most of the reviews happen behind the scenes. Once a review is requested I schedule time to visit, join and review the service. I email them about things that are lacking in the service (i.e. no privacy policy, broken links, poor spelling and grammar, etc) and continue my review once these things have been corrected.

If no corrections are made, if the service does not respond to my emails, or if they just tell me to get lost, I end the review then and there. No point in continuing to use up my time for a dating service that I would not recommend to anyone, so I file them in my Do Not Review bin and leave it at that.

At I am proud to be able to offer the best reviews of online dating services for you.

I am proud to have regular contact with most of the dating services listed and be able to resolve customer service issues, and most of all, help you find the right dating service for your needs.

All thanks to you, my visitor,
Robert Lee,

"Not To Be Missed' Articles Milestones

May 2001, Forbes Online selected aLoveLinksPlus as a 'Forbes Favorite'.

June 9 2002 Forbes Magazine selected as a Best Of The Web Destination. By far the most prestigious recognition I have received for all of the hard work and time put into the creation and maintaining of this dating service directory.

June 2005 aLoveLinksPlus reached the top 60,000 of websites online out of the many millions of websites.

August 2005, Forbes Online selected aLoveLinksPlus as a 'Forbes Favorite'. Once again the value of the information here is recognized by an outstanding authority of web content sites.

November 2006 remained in the top 0.0001% of websites (top 100,000 of 100,000,000 websites online)

August 2008 Canadian trademark registered for aLoveLinksPlus.

August 18 2009: Featured as a great resource on

Please take the time to give me Feedback about aLoveLinksPlus. Tell me about your successes of using the aLoveLinksPlus Directory in finding the right service for you and the fantastic results that came from it. You can use this e-mail for contacting Rob, aLoveLinksPlus webmaster, about aLoveLinksPlus in general. Good or bad comments, I welcome them all!

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aLoveLinksPlus is here to serve you, just as my own bookmarks helped me, to find love on the Internet. To read our copyright and privacy information please go here

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