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Use this dating service membership information sheet to record the what, when and where of your online dating adventures.

Dating Service



Date Joined  


User Name / Password  




Sent / Received




  1. Dating Service Name: Enter the name and web address of the service you joined
  2. Date Joined: The date you joined will be important to remember for any trial offers and subscriptions that are used
  3. User Name / Password: Most services require you to select a user name for your profile that is displayed to other members
  4. Email Address: Important to make note of which email address you used when you joined, if you have more than one email address or you have a specific email address you use when joining online services to keep their messages separate from your daily email inbox
  5. Messages Sent / Received: Keep track of the number of messages you send to other members
  6. Notes: Things you want to remember about the service or the members you meet