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aLoveLinksPlus™ Getting Reviewed Tips

Read carefully to submit your online dating service for review


In order for your service to be considered for inclusion it should consist of the following:

  • Be an original Dating, MatchMaking, PenPals or Introduction Service (not an affiliate clone, see below)
  • If you include links to other dating services they should be clearly marked as such / no hidden links, misdirected text, etc.
  • Clearly spell out to visitors the benefits of your service
  • Clearly explain the rules and terms of browsing, posting and signing up for membership for your service on easy to find pages
  • Include at least one e-mail contact address on your site for visitors to make contact with you for concerns and questions about your service. Should emails be returned (bounced) or unanswered within a reasonable amount of time, your service will be removed without warning! We do accept complaints from your members and will act on their behalf, if you do not reply to us your service will be promptly removed. This email address MUST be a domain email address, requests for reviews from hotmail, yahoo or other free email addresses will be deleted and not acknowledged.
  • You must have a Privacy Policy posted and accessible from your front page
  • The main rule is "You must always answer aLoveLinksPlus emails" We are surprised that with all that aLoveLinksPlus offers, sometimes emails sent by us go unanswered.  This is not tolerable!  We work for you promoting your service and require that a response is given to our emails. Many times we have been asked about a service by the visitors to aLoveLinksPlus and pass that question on to the service, only to have it go unanswered. At that time we will re-review your service and most likely delete it if follow-up emails continue to be unanswered. We have come across some bad operators, and while they may be available as a link at any other directory, that will not happen here. We prefer to work with well-managed services and if you do not have the time to answer your emails, we cannot understand how you anticipate being in business for long. We will certainly not contribute for your possible success while being ignored during the promotion of your service at aLoveLinksPlus.
  • We reserve the right to unilaterally remove your review from should your service make changes not within the bounds of your original review and/or contain content of a nature that may be deemed offensive within our selected review categories of your service.

If you can positively fit the above profile, use the form or send an e-mail to us and we will search through your service and include the service description on all appropriate pages, usually within 5 days. A link back to aLoveLinksPlus is required using the banner and code below. Your site will be included on a minimum of 3 pages at aLoveLinksPlus and could be selected Site of the Week!

Do you have prize give-aways that members are eligible for?
Do you occasionally have membership specials?
Do you feature a male and/or female profile/personal ads each week/month?
This is what our readership and visitors are interested in! You just have to e-mail us the details to participate in the special area of aLoveLinksPlus that informs our visitors of your promotions, telling us about the promotions and events/update information that you want to inform people about.
Need ideas?
View the section yourself here

If you want to participate in an email interview about your service and have it published in the newsletter, just email us. You can view previous interviews by clicking here. These interviews are also linked with your review at aLoveLinksPlus so visitors can get even more information about your service!

Do you have great tips for how a personal ad or profile should appear at your service?
Send to us what the best way there is for someone to introduce themselves at your service and we'll create a whole new page for your service and link it with your review so that potential members can present themselves in the best way possible! Your available personal ads and profiles get better and your memberships will increase!

And you can join the aLoveLinksPlus Dating and Relating WebRing , details here.

Be sure to mention where your service operates from when requesting a review, and what areas you would like to be included in, when e-mailing us. 

We are very flexible and want to work with you!


Robert Lee, Webmaster and Owner,

NOTE: Unfortunately, as of July 5, 2000, we will no longer be posting additional Russian oriented dating services at Abuse of the service has forced us to limit the number of Russian Dating Services we will be allowing to be reviewed at this time. If you truly have a unique Russian service, feel free to complete the form, but you should know that your Russian service will be carefully scrutinized. If we decide to list your service, you MUST place the aLoveLinksPlus Member logo in a prominent place on your home page, preferably the first dating service logo on your home page. All services currently listed will be re-reviewed.

Not all Dating Services need to be unique to be included in the aLoveLinksPlus database.

If you run a well-laid out affiliate/associate dating service with your own unique content that makes your site stand out from the crowd it can also be included here. Use the form to request your review and your web site will be reviewed and if it passes, it will be included at aLoveLinksPlus. A link back for your associate site is required. Be sure to use the banner and code which must be posted before your site gets final approval for inclusion. All other requirements apply.



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