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aLoveLinksPlus Interview with Nelson of 2 Single People - January 22 2001

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Rob >> How long has 2 Single People been active in bringing singles together?


Originally started as a pet project about 4 years ago, the development of my personals site has continued for many years off and on. In September 1998, the newest version of Edmonton Online Personals was re-born and with the support of several sponsors we have had enough resources to keep the site running. The name was changed to in 1999 to become more of an internationally recognized singles site, and not a geographically specific singles site.


>> What type of person could someone expect to meet at 2 Single People?


A person can expect to meet most types of people on the site. The site does support both opposite sex and same sex personals. However, our service does not support anyone looking for the "alternative" relationships. I have always tried to keep the site as clean as possible.


>> You offer a 100% free membership that allows for full access to the services available, can you describe some of the features to us?


The site does offer a 100% free membership which includes the ability to search for members using our search engine and contact them through our anonymous email system. Membership also includes free use of our chat room. 


>> Tell us about the "Who's Online" counter that shows the members visiting How does this benefit members when they are logged in?


In theory, the "Who's Online" section gives you a quick glimpse of who is online and what kind of people are currently searching the site. It is also possible that you may run into some of these people in the chat room. 


>> There is a weekly newsletter sent out to members, what type of content is made available in it?


Previously, the newsletter used to contain a romance column and some other basic information that I had happen to come across that I thought was of interest to other singles It also contained announcements about upgrades to the site and testimonials that had been sent to me. However, in the last few months I have not sent out a newsletter.


>> Are there any plans for new features to be added in the future?


Currently, the only upgrade that is in progress is an upgrade to a better chat room. However, this is taking longer that expected.


>> Are there any special promotions or offers that may be announced in the near future?


Sometimes partners with other singles sites or other sites of general interest to bring specials to our members. In the past, we were partnered with a dating service in Edmonton, Alberta and were able to provide more avenues for finding that special someone. The company was one of the most honest & reputable companies that I could have been involved with and was saddened to learn that they were force to shutdown due to financial reasons.


>> Nelson, it's been a pleasure learning more about 2 Single People, I thank you for your time and am very pleased to bring such a quality service as yours to the visitors of

To Visit 2 Single People - CLICK HERE

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