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aLoveLinksPlus interview with Eric Straus, President of, July 2005

This is the email interview between Rob of and Eric Straus, President of
- was first reviewed February 2003. Read the review here.

Rob: How long has your service been bringing people together?

Eric: 3 years.

What is your current membership and how fast are you growing?

1 million members and adding about 1,500 new members every day.

How will you maintain/increase your membership?

Radio advertising on 2,000+ radio stations throughout the US and Canada.

What feature(s) separate you from other online singles services? Why?

We stress out localism. Thanks to radio, we add members in "clusters". Lots of radio exposure in a local market means lots of singles in that market. We also do local speed dating events ( in 70+ markets throughout North America.

Through an informal survey at aLoveLinksPlus, two thirds of people that use online services believe that member submitted profiles contain inaccurate or untruthful information. Do you feel this affects your service? Why?

Unfortunately, people lie sometimes. I think it effects dating in general... not just online dating. Men lie in bars about their marital status. Women lie about their age. This is a fact of life... not just online...

The online dating world is continually in a state of flux as new technologies emerge, such as wireless, social networking, video and such, how will you compete?

We prefer to let the big boys play with these new technologies. When they figure it out... and start making serious money, then we'll get in that game. Till then, we wait and stick to our knitting.

What emerging technology do you feel will be your key to success?

Our success is not based on any emerging technology... unless you include the Internet!

What is your customer service turn-around time?

The fastest in the business. Same day.

Do you feel your service is a target for acquisition or merger?

From all the calls I'm getting from suitors, apparently so.

What does the future hold for

This is a wonderful, profitable and growing business. I think we've found our niche; and plan to capitalize on it to foster future growth.


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