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aLoveLinksPlus interview with Jamie of Heart2Heart, August 2005

This is the email interview between Rob of and Jamie of
- was first reviewed August 2005. Read the review here.

Rob: How long has your service been bringing people together?

Jamie: The Heart2Heart Network is owned and operated by First Media Group Inc., an established leader in interactive technologies. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada and operating in the United States and United Kingdom, First Media's strength lies in their passion for their business and strong commitment to providing unsurpassed customer care. We have bringing people together since 1988.

What is your current membership and how fast are you growing?

Currently over 1 million active members and boasts over 100,000 unique visitors and gains thousands of new members daily.

How will you maintain/increase your membership?

We increase our membership through proactive recruitment campaigns. We currently advertise online by offering an affiliate program. We also advertise offline with newspaper ads and television campaigns.

What feature(s) separate you from other online singles services? Why?

We are innovators of dating industry. We have introduced cell phone notifications, video and text messaging, voice and video greetings. We also encourage our members to get involved in their communities. We do this by promoting single events in their communities.

Describe the most popular feature members use at your service:

The most popular features that our members use are video chat, text chat and profile matching.

There is a definite difference between the most viewed, most popular profiles on your website and the least viewed. Can you tell us what makes a profile successful? What should someone be sure to in their profile include to get the most out of their membership?

Make a commitment: You've decided to dabble in online dating. Although it's easy to sign-up for the service, attracting the attention (and dates!) you want is another story. Create your profile with the same attention you normally reserve for writing a c.v., completing a bank application or any other written document that will determine your future. Your dating success depends on it!
Market the unique you: There are literally thousands of other profiles competing for attention online. How do you separate yourself from the competition? Sell yourself to your audience. Put yourself in their shoes think about what makes you unique and desirable.
Seven words or less: What is the first thing you see when you conduct an online dating search? Your potential mate's headline or pick-up line—whatever you want to call it—appears front and centre attracting your attention like a beacon. Now, imagine this area doesn't exist? For many online daters this is the reality. Oh, and here's another: no headline, likely no response. Take the time to create a compelling, unique headline that attracts attention.
Be confident and precise: What are the top three criteria a date must have to make your cut? Make sure any "must have" criteria are published at the beginning of your profile. Your ultimate goal is to attract their attention. So, tell them what you want and make it clear for your potential date(s).
Share the personal scoop: Be honest, clear and direct about who you are; share some of your past experiences; divulge your interests or passions. Give your potential date some personal insight into who you are, what you want and whether they have what it takes to be your date. Maybe you're a runner training for a ½ marathon or an auto buff rebuilding vintage cars…whatever your interest, this is the time to share it!
Avoid lonely hearts syndrome: Think about your audience: do they really want to hear confessions about past a) relationships b) lovers c) your mother. We all cart baggage from relationship-to-relationship (hopefully reducing the bulk along the way)—don't enlist your date as a porter. Be positive and witty in your profile and show them what you've got.
Tease them, please them: You're writing an ad about yourself, apply the KISS principle: keep it short and simple. Include fun facts about who you are; what interests you and allude to things you've done (a little mystery is always appealing). Another tip: in professional writing we're challenged to "show, not tell." Instead of telling your audience how funny, sweet and charming you are write a short story that demonstrates these qualities.
And you ...: Open your profile with the three "must have" attributes you need in a date. Follow this with a short snapshot paragraph of the real you—using the "show, not tell" philosophy. In the next paragraph, take the time to outline what you're looking for in a date. Use this paragraph to capture, filter and qualify your date.
Close the deal: Let's say you're in the market for a new pair of shoes. Likely, the sales person will close the pitch with a comment about the designer, cost, durability etc. This close is tailored to the client and plays to his/ her sense of fashion or budget. No, I am not saying in the game of love we're shoe salesman. Fact is we have a much better product to sell: ourselves. Close with an invitation to contact you. Simple profile closers include: "Drop me a line." "Are you interested in learning more? Let's chat."
Act like an editor: You've gone to the trouble of writing a captivating, witty and engaging profile...and you're just about ready to hit "submit"...when you remember to proofread your copy. Yes, this is perhaps the most important step in creating your profile. I recommend writing your initial profile in a word document, saving it and reviewing it the next day. You'll be amazed how many errors you'll discover on second review.
Remember when choosing a photo pick one that is current, appealing and flattering.

Through an informal survey at aLoveLinksPlus, two thirds of people that use online services believe that member submitted profiles contain inaccurate or untruthful information. Do you feel this affects your service? Why?

We can not offer a 100% guarantee that some of our members give accurate information. We have protocols in place designed to weed out those fraudulent members. To activate our features you have to be a full paying member. We find that this discourages members from being dishonest.

The online dating world is continually in a state of flux as new technologies emerge, such as wireless, social networking, video and such, how will you compete?

We currently offer members video greetings and webcam interaction. As for social networking, we advertise public events on our websites to get our members to meet in a safe environment. We also provide dating content across all mediums including telephone, web and mobile (SMS).

What emerging technology do you feel will be your key to success?

The keys to our success is mobile SMS and video chatting.

What is your customer service turn-around time?

We respond to customers questions within 24hours.
Do you feel your service is a target for acquisition or merger?
No, we are owned and operated by First Media Group inc. We have been in the industry for over 15 years.

What does the future hold for and First Media Network?

We anticipate the changing needs of our loyal customer base, applying new technologies like web video, television and mobile platforms to our product offerings. We provide the best customer experience through quality products and superior customer service.
Our market share continues to grow and strengthen from our continued investment in technology, the leveraging of our existing and new strategic partnerships, and our strong commitment to success.

For present and future members I'd like to remind them to just have fun and treat people the way you would like to be treated.

Visit - One of the best services we've ever reviewed!

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