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aLoveLinksPlus Interview with Paul Gayeski of JustSayHi, September 13 1999


Paul Gayeski of JustSayHi

Rob of aLoveLinksPlus


To Visit JustSayHi - CLICK HERE


Rob >> JustSayHi has been active in bringing together singles since the

beginning of this year, has the growth of Just Say Hi been lower or higher

than your expectations?

PAUL: Our work in building the site has focused on providing a quality feature

rich service and not on intense promotions at this time. For assorted reasons, many

deliberate ones, our growth is slow but steady. We're not marketing experts and don't

have that skill down yet for one thing. However, JustSayHi is in it for the long term

opportunities and social benefit to society. We're still learning about the net and about

web services and techniques. Our software expertise goes back over 20

years and one thing that consistently disfunctions software products and

services is being marketing driven. I have never seen a software company

provide a quality product when the marketing influence dominates the decision making.

 In the long run I firmly believe a quality product and service cannot fail. The better it

gets the easier it will be to market it when the time and opportunity is right. More than

 one member has written us and said "We love your site and just wish there where more

members for us to match." When two products have sufficiently matured more active

promotion will be the next big step.


>> What challenges have you faced in starting a new business?

PAUL: Generally we place fairly well with a lot of the search engines a fair

amount of the time. However, we don't place as well with some of the dating directories

because of their requirements for reciprocal front page real-estate on our

site. That's limiting exposure of our services. Regrettably we've also seen

some very deliberate and direct sabotage by competitors with contacts or

involvements in major search indexes on the net. Aside from that our major

challenges have been just learning curves on the particular software

technologies and the web in general. So far, however, I'd have to say it's

been a very good and positive experience and as a company we really hope

it's been beneficial to others.


>> The free trial at your service, could you explain the details for me?

PAUL: It's actually evolved to be more than a free trial. We offer free signups,

searches, and full email for members to contact each other or anyone at no

charge. Joining and paying for the service is becoming an option not a

requirement (donations accepted!). We've experimented with a variety of

models over the last 8 months and feel that basically giving away the

service is the most ethical and honest way to operate. It's also the most

inclusive. The main reasons to purchase a full service membership

($10.95 for 1 year!) is to avoid advertisements, add chat, see more photos and

homepages, write to PO box, and basically have more upfront access to other



>> Your dating service also includes many features that just aren't

available on any other service, such as Hints and Searches by Cities, are

these features used a lot?

PAUL: We have lots of unique features and a few that

will evolve in the new year. I'm sure we've taught the bigger services a thing

or two this year alone! Hints seem to be used successfully by some members

and blocking unwanted contacts. Now that email correspondence is free (which

incorporates blocking too) I think Hints will have a more positive meaning to all

members. Some members were a bit confused by Hints at first but seem more

comfortable with the idea now that it's explained better. Some people are just a bit too

shy to engage others with a formal introduction. Viewed in the right spirit it's a

bit like the old stories of a lady dropping her handkerchief for the right guy to pick up.

Searches of all kinds are used pretty extensively and we cover almost all

the important possibilities. It's an area that might see refinements in the

new year as well but we already allowing members to build the search they

want and then save it as their default (QuickSearch) . The search process will only gain

some instant local search capabilities.


>> JustSayHi has 7 active chat rooms, what are the best time to login to

them and how busy do they get?

PAUL: Chat is part of the paying side of the service and less popular at this

time. It's great for people who are in international correspondence or learning about

each other from across the country.


>> Your membership fees are much lower than most other dating services that

are online. How is this possible?

PAUL: A strong belief in fair profit and not greed and excess profit which seems

to drive society now days. Free basic services and $10.95 for a year is really a great

deal. Low cost somewhat limits our advertising exposure.


 >> What special features do members get that free trial members do not?

PAUL: Free members get stuck with advertising banners of one form or another but

that's a small price to pay for free access and interaction with other

members. Full service (Paying) members don't see advertising banners in their face.

Have chat, can directly view other members homepages, private photos, and

have options to post events, a public personal opinion and retrieve their

mail from an outside mail box. They have accesses to PO box info if posted by

another member. Basically they have more up front information and contact options

with other members.


>> Are you planning a newsletter for your dating service?

PAUL: Newsletters are a popular sales and marketing tool on the net these

days. They can be worthwhile but in the land of capitalism they're often

just a come on tactic to sell you something. We haven't introduced a

newsletter and won't until we can orchestrate truly worthwhile usable

content. We'd list new members perhaps interviews with members and content

from our new Dating Advice site But we don't expect a

newsletter until at least summer of 2000.


>> Where do you see JustSayHi growing in the coming months?

PAUL: All our products have a pretty solid foundation and our plans for the coming

months are to refine the products in preparation for stronger marketing in

the 1st or 2nd quarter of the new year.


>>Can you briefly itemize the sites you have and what they offer?

PAUL: 1. - Our singles dating site offers all

the important features a dating site needs and more ! It's free with options for donating

or buy extra features and avoiding advertisements.

2. - We have a dating directory that lists

100's of other sites of the competitors at not charge and doesn't obligate any of the

sites to link back to us. i.e. We're comprehensive or try to be.

3. - Our new address sales service offers

men contact with ladies from Russian and Latin America.

4. - Our newest member is a dating advice service

offering a good healthy reality check on dating and relationships. We're very proud of

our association with Bryan Redfield who offers excellent and wholesome guidance

from a pretty solid foundation of practical experience.


>>There's a lot of competition out there in the dating services market. How do

you see yourself positioned in the future.

PAUL: We've been thinking in the background and planning for the future.

Because we have a solid software foundation competition is not really a long

term concern. After a round of refinements by the end of Q1 in 2000 we should be pretty

much ready to rock-and-roll! Anyone who has built a quality web product will have a

market for it in the future. The net is still in it's infancy.


>>Any closing remarks?

 PAUL: We'd just like to thank you for the opportunity to contribute to your

newsletter. We've been admirers of your products and services and been

watching your site's growth also. We wish you a lot of success in the coming



To Visit JustSayHi - CLICK HERE

>> Thanks for the time to be a part of this interview, Paul. I hope that JustSayHi

becomes the keyword of choice in the new year. RL.

This interview is ©1999, 2000 by and cheerful attitude web design and Robert Lee. No portion of the contents of interview may be copied without prior consent. For information send an e-mail to: . I will prosecute to the full extent of the law, when necessary any copyright infringements. ALL trademarks and images used here at aLoveLinksPlus remain the property of their respective owners and are used with permission where required.

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