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Sheila of Sheila's Kissing Booth - September 13 1999


>> What was your inspiration for starting The Kissing Booth?

SHEILA: My inspiration was my boyfriend. He has always been very supportive of me

and he knows that I'm a romantic at heart. He is also very romantic

himself, which in itself is a great inspiration! He thought of the name

Sheila's Kissing Booth and thought it would be a great name for a romantic

site. It started off very small, just a personals ad with some

descriptions. Then I came up with the idea of adding romantic themes to it

and it just grew from there.


>> At The Kissing Booth you offer to answer advice questions. What do most

people ask you about?

SHEILA: The majority of questions are from people who want to know how to kiss

properly and who want to know how to ask someone they're attracted to out on

a date. Everything from when is the appropriate time to kiss someone to how

to position one's lips during a kiss. The majority of my questions come

from people who are between the ages of 13 and 19. But I have had some

people as old as 52 ask me for advice, also. There are no age barriers at

Sheila's Kissing Booth.


>> Do you feel you are helping people with their lives in the answers that

you give them?

SHEILA: Definitely! I get a ot of thank you's from people who got a lot out of my

advice. Especially those who felt they had no one else to turn to. When

they get an answer that totally puts things in perspective, it's great to

hear from them and how much they appreciate me listening to them and

offering my advice. I even have regulars who write me at least once a week

asking for my advice on a particular situation they're going through.


>> I know that you do not run your own dating service but rely on the

expertise of successful existing dating services to match people up, why

is that?

SHEILA: Because part of the romance is in meeting people. I associate myself with

high-quality dating services that I feel are most beneficial and reputable

for my visitors. And I think it's rather interesting that I can help

someone meet the person of their dreams by pointing them in the right

direction, and in the same instance have information that they can use to

enhance this new relationship of theirs.


>> Can you tell me more about your service and what features you have at

The Kissing Booth? Why would someone at aLoveLinksPlus go to The Kissing


SHEILA: I offer only romance themes such as love advice, kissing tips, romance

tips, romantic recipes, poetry, quotes, and a soon-to-be Dating Zone filled

with tips and information on dating. I even have pages of suggestions for

romantic music, movies and books.

I believe someone from aLoveLinksPlus would go to my Kissing Booth because

they want to enhance their romanticism. They are at aLoveLinksPlus to meet

new people. But what do you do from there once you meet them? How would

someone enhance a romantic atmosphere? They would go to Sheila's Kissing

Booth and get the information they're looking for.


>> When you started The Kissing Booth did you think that it would become

as successful as it has?

SHEILA: Yes! I worked very hard to research and find information that my visitors

were looking for. Everything from getting suggestions from my visitor's

questions to romantic ideas that I already knew about. It is always a work

in progress because I believe that there are an infinite amount of romantic

ideas out there and I want to share them all with everyone.


>> What do you have planned for the future growth of The Kissing Booth?

What will visitors to your site expect to see in the future?

SHEILA: I'm already working on a Dating Zone section to Sheila's Kissing Booth.

There will be many topics on dating, everything from where to meet someone,

to how to ask someone out on a date. This is going to be a very large

section of Sheila's Kissing Booth once it's all completed.


Thanks for taking the time to be interviewed Sheila!



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