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aLoveLinksPlus interview with Dylan of Net-Singles, April 2002

This is the email interview between Rob of and Dylan of Net-Singles.

Rob: Dylan, how long has Net-Singles been online?

Dylan: Net-Singles has been online since 1999, but not in its current form. There have been several re-designs and originally the site was 100% free. Like most good businesses, it started out as a hobby.

Can you describe your average male and female members?

Thankfully no. When we redesigned the site I used a great designer from Stockholm whom I had met in my previous business life. The one stipulation laid down was to make the site inclusive and to avoid the kind of hearts and flowers type of site. We chose an attractive but neutral design and our membership is consequently very diverse. We have successful middle aged businessmen, many beautiful eastern European ladies, college students, bikers - you name it, we got it! If there does seem to be one common thread it is that most are serious in their intent to meet a long-term partner, or if they are just looking for fun, they are honest about it.

Can you tell us about the newsletter that you offer? The type of content we can expect in it?

The newsletter has several functions. Firstly we have a guest writer Lisa (who was recently on the Sally James show) giving relationship advice through articles which are both amusing and informative. Secondly, we showcase 'male of the month' and 'female of the month' adverts (with a photo) of people who in our judgment have written good adverts. We also use the newsletter to highlight any promotions or competitions that we have running that month.

Do you know of any marriages or engagements that have taken place with couples that have met at Net-Singles?

To be honest, not yet, though we have not asked for this kind of feedback. I do know that there has been contact between many members and I was delighted to see a chance in a million encounter developing into something very positive. I cannot say who or what as I respect the couples privacy, all I will say is that it is a small world and I sincerely hope that they find/found happiness together. It is only recently that the site has grown to the size where the likelihood of a marriage/engagement is high so maybe I shall put the question in the next newsletter.

What features would you say make Net-Singles stand out above other online dating services?

Good design and simplicity of use coupled with a powerful search engine and friendly support. I think the design reflects the people that use the system. When I see a tacky site it kind of rubs off on the adverts, sad but true. We want to provide a forum that reflects our members and I think we do just that. Simplicity of use is also key as there is a boredom threshold and many people still have modems. Our aim is to get you up and running on the system as quickly as possible and to allow you to navigate in an intuitive way. I have been on dating sites that force you to complete a 5 page questionnaire just to look at the adverts! The search engine is the same for all members (we don't reserve a more powerful search tool for premium members). You choose who you want to see, how many at a time and in what order they should be displayed. You can choose multiple selections and dig deep or simply choose the category of people you are seeking and click the search button. Lastly, support - we like to present a human face at net-singles. Finding the right partner can be daunting sometimes, but we are always ready to help in writing adverts, scanning pictures or discussing any aspect of the service that you would like more information on. In the past I have had people ask me about what other sites I would recommend, which of the photos they sent did I think was better, what should they know about online dating (positive and negative) and so on. We are not here just to try and sell memberships, that is only to cover our costs and market the site further. I have been flattered to have had several "you sound really nice - are you married" responses to my support mails, which I think says it all. I am married by the way :0)

Please tell us the differences between your free and premium membership plans.

I will be brief as I think I said to much on the previous question. Both plans offer almost the same functionality and features. The only difference is that premium members can initiate the contact and have use of the chat room.

Do you have any specials or promotions planned?

From time to time we run competitions or promotions. We had a January sale after last Christmas and occasionally we ask members for feedback on the site and draw some winners from the respondents for a free period of premium membership. I am have a couple of ideas in the pipeline now, but lets not spoil the surprise huh?

Dylan, Thanks for your time in replying to this interview.
Thank you for the opportunity.

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