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aLoveLinksPlus Interviews Analyn of Philippine Connection March 30 2002

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aLoveLinksPlus interview with Analyn of Philippine Connection - March 30 2002

This is the email interview between Rob of and Analyn of Philippine Connection.

Rob: Please tell me how long has Philippine Connection been online?

Analyn's Response: After starting the Philippine Connection in 1999 and just celebrating our website www.philippine-connection second year anniversary this past Feb 2002 I credit the success of the Philippine Connection due to our personal touch. We do not just sell memberships and contact information - we provide free personal assistance in the form of answering questions. offering advise, I've personally made introductions between our lady and gentleman members, and our service "ask the attorney" is where members and non members can ask immigration questions to our dear friend who is an attorney who specializes in immigration and answers questions free of charge, he is a very dear friend. The Philippine Connection's personal touch ensures our members walk away with the happiness they are searching for and this is the foundation of success to the Philippine Connection.

What would you say is the average age of your male and female members?

Response: Our lady and gentlemen members range from 18 years of age to 60 years of age. Most of the ladies on our website are looking for someone that is older than she and this is because ladies in general are looking for someone who is settled down and mature, the ladies are more interested in the inner beauty of a person and not the physical attraction. We strive to make connections - meaning connecting two people that have the same goals, hopes and dreams in life - along with the same personality, likes and dislikes.

Do you have more white collar or blue collar members?

Response: The Philippine Connection gentlemen members are about 50/50 in the direction of the white collar blue collar comparison. I would say 90 - 95% of the lady members of the Philippine Connection are degree holders or pursuing a degree.

What is the feature of your service that helps your service stand out from all the rest?

Response: As I stated from the beginning of our interview The Philippine Connection's personal touch is what makes our service stand out from the many other business that offer the same type of service.

Tell us about the types of memberships that are available:

Response: The Philippine Connection offers a yearly $25.00 membership with no other hidden costs. I emphasize "No Other Hidden Costs" because so many times I am asked the question from gentlemen before they join, are there any other costs associated with joining the Philippine Connection? They cannot believe the our low cost in comparison to other businesses like ours on the internet. Our yearly membership allows the member to contact any lady on our website as well as all future lady members and we have new lady members each month. Memberships can be purchased on line by credit card, by checks, or by phone  or they may join by mail . We realize that some people are still not comfortable ordering online and since they have placed there trust in our service - when a customer tell us he is going to join by mail we give the same trust back to him and start his membership immediately so that he does not have to wait for the check to get to us via the mail.
We also offer the purchase of individual ladies as well as ladies in the amounts of 5 ladies - $9.00 and 10 ladies for $15.00. To keep operating costs down and to be able to offer the low cost these purchases are only offer via mail but with the same personal touch as our memberships.

Do you know of any marriages that occurred between people that have met at your service?

Response: Our success story page  and what's new page  says it all.... We have many new success stories to add as this year alone there have been 5 marriages and many engagements. In addition to our success page we update the ladies file with an engagement or marriage announcement and remove all contact information from our listings. One engagement that stands out and I say this because I started the Philippine Connection to introduce my friends, friends of my friends, and my relatives to sincere gentlemen. Well my best friend "Olivia" just called me as her penpal is visiting her in the Philippines right now and.... He proposed to her and she said, "YES".... So... I am very happy for not only her but for the both of them as I have talked with her penpal several times over the phone and he is such a very nice gentleman. They make a very nice couple and it couldn't happen to two nicer people. I am very happy when I receive any news of an engagement or a marriage, but this is so close to home... Someone I have known since I was a little girl, we grew up together....

Do you have any plans for new features to be introduced soon?

Response: The Philippine Connection is always working on new ideas in the direction of making the site informative and useful as possible. One idea was to develop a free community where people could ask questions, give advice, and provide information. So we have developed and just added a forum to the Philippine Connection web site. This is a newly developed free forum where you will find topics on Immigrations, penpal experiences, travel to the Philippines, learning Tagalog, employment in the Philippines, Filipino Festivals and evens, etc.. People can also chat in groups or have private conversations. Guest of the Philippine Connection forum can either register or participate without registering so that they may anonymously answer or ask a question, as well as submitting information such as a favorite Filipino recipes, travel experience, or even experiences and knowledge of major periods in the history of the Philippines. Although it is very new - I feel that this will be a great success in the months and years to come in the direction of finding information in those areas.
Our Philippine Tours are in full scale and have been very successful - we offer tours from small numbers as low as one person to a max. size of 5 gentleman. We only offer small scaled tours so that we can devote and provide a personal touch worthwhile tour.
We also have our featured lady section . The featured lady section is offered to all our lady members where they can participate in a direct interview and submit several photos. We then create a personal page for the lady member to be introduced . This provides a more personal touch for our lady members. In addition to our featured lady section we are soon going offer all of our ladies a chance to participate in our video introduction - this is where the lady will introduce herself and be able to share her thoughts during a video taping. This will be viewable on our website so gentlemen will be able to not only view their photos and read their words, but actually hear and see there reactions to questions we ask as well as a giving the lady the opportunity to add any thoughts she may have. Unfortunately the video feeds will have to be short - but I feel that it will be a nice touch to be able to actually hear what she has to say in her own special sweet voice as well as her reactions.
Although it is not a new feature - my contact information is listed on Philippine Connection website and ladies and gentleman interested in joining the Philippine Connection but have questions are welcome to email me or call me anytime. My contact information is listed on the top of the following link 

In addition to our forum that has just started we have a wealth of Philippine Information and Filipino links that are very organized at the following link . Just to name a few of the categories - Philippine History, Educational Institutional Links, travel, Filipino Foods, Philippine Sports, Real Estate in the Philippines, medical, stock market, etc...

We are also going to be adding a section entitled "What is it like to be a Filipina" - in other words what are her values, customs, beliefs, just what kind of person is she in general. All these questions and more will be answered in the form of an essay in their own written word by a few of our lady members.

Although we have a general search function where visitors can search our website we are researching on providing search capabilities where our website visitors can sort for age, education, height, weight, etc... This is where we are behind other services that have this function but we are going to add in addition to the norm the ability to sort the lady's wants as well so that visitors don't get a list meeting their specs., only to find their too tall, too old, etc.... by the ladies standards.

Do you have any specials coming soon?

Response: We have that everyday low price.

Oh... The Philippine Connection is going to be on a television documentary that will be on national TV in Canada and the USA. The documentary is still in production and I encourage anyone interested in viewing the documentary to contact me or visit The Philippine Connection website and watch for the announcement of the actual date, time, and listings.

I would like to also thank all the members of the Philippine Connection as they are the Philippine Connection. I am very fortunate to have such a nice group of people in the Philippine Connection ranks. Thank you Ladies and Thank you Gentlemen!!! Last but not least I would like to say thank you to all the people who have allow the Philippine Connection to be listed on their site - I have developed some very good business/friendship relationships and I just want to express my appreciation. Finally - my thanks to you, Robert and to all the people that make up your wonderful website for asking the Philippine Connection for this interview!


Analyn Morris
Philippine Connection

This interview is 2002 by and cheerful attitude web design and Robert Lee. No portion of the contents of interview may be copied without prior consent. For information send an e-mail to: . I will prosecute to the full extent of the law, when necessary any copyright infringements. ALL trademarks and images used here at aLoveLinksPlus remain the property of their respective owners and are used with permission where required.


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