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aLoveLinksPlus interview with Lisa Bentsen of Lisa Bentsen's Singles Search, September 2 1999


Lisa Bentsen

ROBERT LEE, aLoveLinksPlus

Robert Lee


> > Lisa, how long has Lisa Bentsen’s Singles Search been in the matchmaking business?

 Our company begin in December of 1989, just about the time that Robert and I were married. Since there was no commercial Internet at that time, we operated as an off-line but computerized matchmaking service. However, Single Search was the very first single's service on the net in early 1994. At its commercial infancy, if you typed in a key word .... love, romance, singles, dating, etc. you'd pull up two newsgroups. That was it! Today there are hundreds of services for singles, but still the only one that crossmatches for high percentages of compatibility is Single Search.

 > > Why do you feel you have been able to maintain such a successful service with all the competition for dating services springing up on the internet?

 Longevity is synonymous with quality. You don't survive in the marketplace, especially as service business, unless you deliver client satisfaction. Our software was, at it's inception, and continues to be with periodic upgrades and refinements, state of the art. Accuracy, customer support, high volume data bases, and a sincere desire to help clients achieve their romantic goals is at the heart of our success. One of the drawbacks to the Internet is that it can often create the impression that the user is merely a password number or an email address. Single Search is dedicated to personalizing our clients. We encourage singles to contact us with questions and concerns about process of finding a partner. The search for a soulmate is a journey, not just a destination.

 > > How many successful matches has Singles Search made that has resulted in marriage?


Keep in mind that not all of our clients are seeking marriage. Some merely are looking for companionship and to make new friends, some want a relationship but aren't sure if marriage is their ultimate goal, but clearly the majority do want a spouse. Our clients state their goals on the application form and are also matched based on which path is the right one for them.

 Of those who have chosen marriage as an end goal, there have been literally thousands in the past 6 years on the Internet and more if you consider our off line clients from 1989. My office walls are covered with photos that some couples have sent me. I even have baby pictures!!! These happy faces are a constant source of inspiration to us and our staff.

 > > Do you offer more than online matchmaking services?

 Oh yes, so much more. Our virtual counseling center is a buzz with questions from singles who feel they need advice or want information from someone who has both the educational background in relationship counseling and the experience of being single and trying to find out who is right/wrong for them.

My own experience led to the creation of Single Search. I screened through 400 men before I found Robert. It was quite a chore but well worth the effort. Even though I was a practicing therapist at the time I met my soulmate, that didn't absolve me from the same questions and concerns that today's singles have. The difference was that without a computer, it took nearly two years for me to meet and evaluate 400 men. With the Single Search matchmaking software, singles can increase their odds of finding a partner at warp speed.

 In late September, we will be adding a new service ... moderated chat rooms and on-line seminars. On Tuesday and Thursday nights, I will offer LIVE on-line help to singles in a chat format. Some nights will have scheduled topics like HOW DO I KNOW WHO IS COMPATIBLE? while other nights will offer general discussions on a wide range of topics relating to single's issues. Look for the new Single Search chat room on SIX DEGREES, DELPHI and YAHOO or visit our web site for links and scheduled topics. Bring your friends. You don't have to be a member to join our discussion groups or ASK LISA questions.

 > > What kind of person would a newcomer to Singles Search hope to meet?

 Our statistical profiles indicated that our average member holds a college or advanced degree, middle to upper income, professional, between the ages of 25-55, divorced, with at least one child. Up until a few years ago, the average Internet client worked in some technical/electronic or related field. With the advent of webtv and the host of people who jumped on the Internet band wagon, that picture has changed. Now our clients come from all walks of life, professions and the age range has expanded to include more seniors and more international clients. What these member so share in common though, is a strong desire to meet not just by chance ... but by choice. They are committed to the notion that their soulmate is out there and they sincerely want to find him or her. Our members are less likely to be looking for a joy ride and more likely to be serious about making commitments.

 > > How has the New Look of the Singles Search site been received by your visitors? What has been improved? What has been removed?

 Our face lift is brand new. It just went up last week and we're getting positive comments from our members who appreciate the new colors, the fresher look and the much greater ease in navigating the site's information, essential to browser's remaining on the site. From the comments that have been sent to us, it seems to be a winner. The content remained pretty much the same.

 > > Where do you see Singles Search growing in the next couple of years?

 I love that question! Wow, are you ready for the answer? We're aiming at being interactive, multi-media. The time will come when singles will sit in front of their computer cam or TV, join Single Search, be matched, and talk to their matches via video feed. Can you imagine the new Saturday night date where you dress up but never leave the house? Think of the money you'll save on cocktails. Oh, and look for my new book with co-author, Elizabeth Blackstone ....."Confessions of a Matchmaker" .... available on our site with Adobe Acrobat reader by the end of 2000. Elizabeth's current book, "Virtual Strangers, A Woman's Guide to Love and Sex on the Internet" will be available by December 1999.

 > > You have a couple of contests where members can win back their membership fees. Do you have any special tips for winning?

 For the "Name That Tune Game".... Know your music. Visit any one of dozens of music sites and listen, listen. and are hints. The "Spin to Win" game is pure chance.

 Thanks for the Interview, Rob. May your love life be long and harmonious.

Lisa D. Bentsen, MSW

 Find out more about Lisa Bentsen's Singles Search and what the Singles Search service can do for you, CLICK HERE.

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