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aLoveLinksPlus Interview with Elaine of Sizeable Encounters Ltd. - November 29 2000

NOTE: service offline February 2006 and is no longer recommended.


Rob >> How long has Sizeable Encounters Ltd. been bringing people together?


Sizeable Encounters Ltd. began late 1996. We felt it was time for there to be a dating service exclusive to above-average sized singles and their admirers, commonly called BBWs (Big Beautiful Women), BHMs (Big Handsome Men) and FAs (Fat Admirers). We were right! Many people have told us how much they appreciate the fact that we are dedicated to enriching their lives.


>> Tell us about the interview that new members must first go through before you start  matching them with other compatible members.


Let me start by clearing up a misconception. We don't match people up. Choosing who to date is subjective and we feel that people should choose for themselves. We believe that computers and other people can't replace the client looking at photographs and questionnaires of other clients, to determine who THEY wish to date. Services that assume that a person must have similar traits and interests to be a good match for other people are forgetting the fact that opposites attract and that learning to do new things can be a positive experience. 

Our interview process is done to a large degree on the telephone. We explain how our dating service works and we answer our callers' questions. When someone is ready to join our dating service we arrange an interview to be conducted in person. That interview process is quite simple. There is a questionnaire that must be filled out whereby the clients give out only their first names and they are assigned a client number. This questionnaire gives an overview of what the person is like and what he/she is looking for in a relationship, be it to get married or just casual dating. Most clients are looking for long-term relationships not casual dating, but again it is their choice. The clients provide us with a full-length picture, to be included as part of their profile. There is other administrative paperwork to do. The entire process is usually completed in an hour or less. 

Our new social club works different from our dating service. All that is involved is we explain how the club works when we speak with the client on the telephone. We e-mail the agreement that the client must fill out and send along with their payment. 

We do not meet with club members for them to join the Sizeable Encounters Club, which is one of the reasons that the club is less expensive to join.


>> What type of person makes up the membership of Sizeable Encounters?


Our service is for above-average sized singles and their admirers, so we don't have any further restrictions concerning occupations or education level or any other criteria. However, for those that do have specific needs concerning these matters, it is disclosed on the questionnaires. 

Again, we feel that it is up to the individual to choose what they are looking for, not to restrict what they can get.


>> Have you had any marriages that you know of between people that have met at Sizeable Encounters?


It is not an obligation of our clients to inform us if they are getting married, though my clients know we are interested in hearing from them when they want to tell us what is happening with their relationships. I am aware of some long-term relationships that I hope will lead to marriage, but I am unaware of any marriages that have taken place. As our clients do their own choosing of who they want to date, we know that all the successful relationships are products of the clients' own decisions. On the other hand, there have been couples that we felt would be well-suited but the clients did not pick each other, so who knows what would have happened? 

Our biggest compliment is that clients have told us that their confidence has been boosted by joining our service. That we have truly made a difference. That pleases us to hear. 

Society has made BBW/BHM feel uncomfortable about dating and FAs uncomfortable about their dating choices. At our service weight is NOT an issue. Clients realize that they ARE wanted and that it doesn't matter what they weigh.


>> What special features help make Sizeable Encounters the best service to meet a compatible match at?


Weight not being an issue takes a big burden off our clients. 

The dating service members enjoy our convenience since everything after the initial sign-up appointment is done by e-mail/fax and regular mail. We scan their profiles into the computer and e-mail it in an attractive format to the potential dates. Clients can decide when it is convenient for them to review the profiles and decide who they would like to meet. 

Of course, it has to be mutual for an introduction to occur. 

Clients appreciate our pricing policy which has a signing up fee with the balance of our fee only due when/if there is a mutual agreement. Our hold feature has been used by some dating service clients when they are too busy in their lives to date or they are dating someone exclusively and they don't want to have their membership lapse. A transfer feature is also part of the package for the dating service.


>> I know that Sizeable Encounters has recently gone through some changes, can you tell me what is new and what has been improved?


We have added a social club that is separate from the dating service. As an added bonus to our dating service clients who paid their entire 1 year fee (signing-up fee and balance), they get free club membership for the duration of their dating service contract. We have often been asked by prospective clients if we will be having events and have decided the time was right to begin this venture. Events at our club means going to comedy clubs or bingo and such things. We are open to suggestions by clients, as we care about what our clients want. Of course, not all suggestions can be undertaken. The feedback that we have received has been very positive. The club is for people who want to meet new people and have activities to do. It is not a dating service so the reasons for joining are not necessarily to get married. Many people indicated to me that they would like to make new friends and have enjoyable things to do. Our hope is that the events in of itself will be something the clients enjoy, regardless of whether they meet anyone they wish to see outside the club.

Our dating service has made many improvements since we began. Initially we met with clients in person so they could view the album of profiles to request a date or so they could decide if they would agree to meet someone who chose them. Our latest improvement was making things more convenient for our clients by scanning and e-mailing profiles, so clients would not have to take time out of their busy schedules to meet with us. They are pleased with the fact they have the convenience of looking at profiles when they choose to, and that before a date they can look at the profile of the person they will be meeting to remind themselves what he/she is like and looks like. Decisions on whether to agree to meet someone can be done at a slower pace, without having to give an answer right after seeing the profile as they used to do in person. Clients have told us that they see we are constantly looking for ways to make our service better and it shows.


 >> Are you planning any special promotions that we should know about?


We are promoting the new club right now. There is 50% off the regular one year rate for the club only, for a limited time. Our regular rate for 1 year is $200 plus tax, $150 plus tax for 6 months. With the special, our 1 year rate is $100 plus tax which is even cheaper than our regular 6 months rate. 

We hope people take advantage of this great deal!


>> Sizeable Encounters operates currently in Toronto, Canada. Where do you see Sizeable Encounters growing in the future?


Some companies spread themselves too thin trying to be everywhere. While it is our goal to expand on the internet and possibly to open new divisions, to have people from all over the world join our service, right now we are striving to make Sizeable Encounters Ltd. the best dating service and club in Toronto.

>>Any closing remarks?

We welcome anyone interested in our dating service or club to contact us at (416) 657-2128 or e-mail us at If you are an above-average sized single or an admirer, don't wait any longer. Our dating service keeps your last names confidential and will provide a comfortable way to meet your soul mate. For those who enjoy meeting new people or making new friends or just enjoy getting out and doing fun things, call about our new club. Don't delay! Our club special is for a limited time only. Call today!

We would like to thank you Robert, for your dedication to your readers. You have consistently shown integrity in making sure the information you display is accurate and not misleading. You have a great site. Keep up the good work!



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