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WHAT THEY SAY: Is your personal matchmaking service that goes deeper than typical online dating. We will find the love of your life!

WHAT WE FOUND: Free to take personality test. As soon as the test is completed you are shown important facts about yourself. You also receive an extensive description of your ideal partner - free of charge. Immediately following the evaluation, you receive your first partner recommendations and can view their profile, also free of charge.

You have to pay for a premium membership if you wish to read and send messages and view people's pictures. Also, with a paid membership you stay anonymous as long as you want. Be2 guarantees that you will establish contact with at least 10 of their partner recommendations or they will prolong your membership free of charge. You can change some of your personal data (such as hobbies, personal values etc.), and the data about the partner you are seeking (e.g. distance) on your be2 member page ("My data"). However, you can not change any of the answers you gave concerning your personality.

You can make contact by clicking on your partner recommendation's pseudonym, and view their profile. You will also find the option to write a message. Members without Premium Membership can send their partner recommendations a contact request, showing the other user their interest. Premium Members are able to send free text messages and actively exchange messages.

With be2 you spend your time communicating with appropriate partners instead of looking for them. Based on the results of your personality test, be2 will only introduce people who are truly suited to you. Also, you decide who sees your photograph and who doesn't who receives your contact information and when.

WHAT YOU'LL FIND: Free to take personality test, receive partner recommendations and view recommended profiles. There is no search. Paid membership allows you to read and send messages and view people's pictures. Guarantee that you will establish at least 10 contacts from their recommendations or they will prolong your membership for free.

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NOTE ABOUT REFUNDS: According to terms of service you must cancel 14 days before any paid service shave begun in order to receive a refund. This includes automatic renewal of services. No refund on unused portions of any membership will be considered. Cancellation must be done using the proper link in "settings" in "Premium Membership", if available, (ED: my italics) OR by facsimile.
See this PAGE: Quoted from the General terms and Conditions
VIII. Cancellation and Termination
(1) Every Client is entitled at any time to cancel without giving reasons. Upon cancellation the Client data shall be deleted and the contractual relationship specified in item III.(1) terminated.
be2 is also entitled at any time to terminate the contractual relationship specified in item III.(1) giving two weeks' notice.
(2) In the case that a Client of chargeable services cancels his/her registration, the contractual relationship regulated under item III.(3) in these General Terms and Conditions shall remain unaffected. Upon cancellation the Client waives the use of a credit as yet uncalled for using said chargeable services, i.e. the Client shall not receive any refund of fees paid.
(3) Upon expiry of the purchased access period, access to the chargeable option of making contact under item II (5) and the related contractual relationship under item III (3) shall be automatically extended by an access period as selected or indicated (e.g. 3 or 6 months), unless the Client terminates in writing fourteen days before expiry of the access period or, if another termination period was communicated when buying the access period, within this other stated termination period, indicating his/her full name and his/her alias. The termination must be requested using the respective link in Settings in Premium Membership, if available, or by facsimile. Upon receipt of the confirmation of payment for the first purchase the user shall be informed of the day (date) until which the contract shall firstly run and by what duration the term will be extended unless due notice of termination is given
(4) be2 is entitled to discontinue the services offered at any time in full or in part.
(5) Any Client who, at the time that be2 discontinues the services, has any prepaid, not yet used up claim (credit balance) for such services, shall receive a pro rata refund of the title to services not yet used (credit balance).

EDITOR: However, I find NO facsimile number on the web site or the corporate website. This is a very bad trade practice and I will put the company on notice of their review being changed to a negative recommendation to use this service. Dated March 28 2009

UPDATE: March 31 2009: I received this email from
If you want to cancel your premium membership, please send us a fax. The automatic charge to your credit card or account will then be stopped. Please send the fax to +1 (305) 356 3553.
Your fax should contain the following information:
- full name
- address
- email-address
- username
- date of purchase of premium membership
- total sum
- reason for cancellation
IMPORTANT! Please sign your cancellation personally!
We will process your fax within 48 hours.
Please ensure that you cancel your premium membership 14 days before the next automatic extension of your contract. You will find the date of the next extension in your profile under Settings / Premium Membership / View/Change.


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