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WHAT THEY SAY: Created by, is designed specifically for single adults who are actively seeking meaningful, long-term connections. In terms of site features and functionality, you'll notice a few key differences: The next-generation compatibility matching is based in part on the science of brain chemistry, which some experts believe is the core of who we are as human beings. The "get acquainted" process is designed to help like-minded people develop meaningful relationships faster.’s patent-pending process helps you move beyond email to the essential next step, an in-person meeting. Because only other paying members of Chemistry will be able to communicate with you, on your terms, your privacy is enhanced.

WHAT WE FOUND: Going beyond simple database matching, involves your whole person, especially the deep down inner you, using interactive and fun to answer questions that show you, and those you will meet, who you really are.

This highly specialized dating service offers matches for straight, lesbian and gay people, so you'll never be turned away, just matched with other great singles.

Allow yourself about 45 minutes to complete the questions and your profile. We liked the structure of the questions and how completing your profile and allowing the compatibility to work takes you from matches, to introductions and through email contact into the first face-to-face meetings of other members. It’s interesting to note that you do not search for other members, you let the system directs you through meeting your matches in 4 guided steps.

The communication process consists of four separate stages: Stage One: Relationship Essentials; Stage Two: Short Answers; Stage Three: Email; Stage Four: In-Person Meeting Home Page

WHAT YOU'LL FIND: Free to join and start the compatibility match process, you will receive up to 5 matches every day. Only paid members can contact other members.

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Date posted: October 03, 2009 - 09:13 pm
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