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Cupids Play

WHAT THEY SAY: We came up with CupidsPlay to solve the online dating conundrum. When you see a match in CupidsPlay, you don’t have to rack your brains for that witty one-liner or wink with no context. You simply pick a fun game from our ever growing selection, and invite that person to play. Social gaming breaks the ice, and gives you a shared topic to initiate great conversation.

We’ll also help you out by finding people who enjoy similar games. And we promise you will have much more fun meeting people this way.

WHAT WE FOUND: Finally a dating service that has the concept of dating and games in a workable and fun format.

Cupids Play has a variety of ways to match you to other members but the main theme is for you to play games, complete your profile, login regularly and use your "CupidsCoins" as currency to play games and send messages. To keep things even more interesting there is a "CupidsHeart" that you send to a member (you get one a week and can earn additional CupidsHearts by participating in special events). Your initial signup awards you with 25 Cupidscoins and one Cupidsheart.

You can join using your email or import your profile from your Facebook account. The profile section can be completed in about 15 minutes, be sure you have a picture ready for your profile.

Of course one great feature that is tied to your profile is "Ice Breakers" which are questions you post to your profile and when someone visits your profile and answers an Ice Breaker you have posted a conversation can begin.

Games are played by you and either a "Friend" or a "Favorite" so you can meet people through games and invites to play games.

Matches are done by either you searching for members or receiving matches by the CupidsPlay automatic algorithm. Both methods seem quite good to match you up to other members. But play the games, it's your best way to be active on the service.

WHAT YOU'LL FIND: Free dating service that relies on two or more gameplay to make meeting people fun. The service's currency is called CupidsCoins which you earn by playing games, logging in and participating in special events. If you run out of coins you can buy more but there is no limit that you can earn for free.

This dating game service is for American's only, straight and same sex date matching.


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