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WHAT THEY SAY: Welcome to! Not only are we 100% free for everything, we're also one of the biggest dating sites in the world. That means you have a much better chance of meeting someone here than on other sites. Try us out!

WHAT WE FOUND: is free and there are plenty of members for pretty well every location and city in the world, surprisingly enough. This is a top ten dating service among the free dating services currently being used by singles.

The registration to become a member only takes a couple of minutes, just be sure to have a picture to post with your profile or you'll not easily be found by others. Searches for members is convenient and there is a browse search option that will help you to find your city quickly and see other members. I like this feature, it brings in local singles quickly. As you register and complete your profile you'll also be making your profile available on the 'Meebo' network, a chat system that is part of a larger online network. The status bar cross the bottom of the page is a little annoying, but is of help if you want to chat, if you want to be able to know if any of your new friends are online and ready to chat as well as being able to connect quickly with your facebook or other chat systems and social networks.

Easy to navigate all your profile sections are conveniently on the left side of your profile and stay there as you click around the service. As well as other networks that you allow the Meebo application to connect to.

Dating advice articles, a large communication forum and adding to your member profile blog will keep you busy and coming back to use regularly.

If your main reason is to meet other singles quickly, you'll find lots of members in your area, for most parts of the world, but you will soon tire of the uncompleted profiles, missing pictures and lame messages most people send.

About Meebo: using the Meebo application allows you to connect using your regular instant messenger contacts as well as people that are on the networks you have joined. Meeno connects facebook, datehookup, myspace, msn, yahoo, aim and more social networking sites and chat tools.

WHAT YOU'LL FIND: Plenty of singles ads keeps free to use and contact others. Cross network registration of the Meebo network and other chat/social networks may come as a surprise. Connect with caution you will be opening up more about yourself that you included during the basic registration. Straight and same sex personals, very basic profile information. This is more of a search-for-yourself dating service than anything else. Popular for now, it's worth the price of membership, free.

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Name: Steve Beverly/P
Date posted: March 05, 2012 - 08:09 pm
Message: yes,,,i was there and did find a woman worth marrying,,but one of her friends(another guy) texted a message to another one of her guy friends and he dropped out,all of a sudden..the guy that did the texting, told her it must of been me, so i dropped out,,,later on it was found out by her that he was a player,,just starting trouble...

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