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Dating For Parents

WHAT THEY SAY: Ready to begin a new relationship but don't know where to start? As a single parent, you've come to the right place. DatingforParents has years of experience in helping single parents like you to find their perfect partner. We match single parents with dates who also have children, or with people who are happy to meet someone who already has a family.

WHAT WE FOUND: DatingforParents is a well designed service specifically for single parents in the UK. Feature includes and easy to set up mobile dating system that works with most mobile phone operators in the UK.

Registering takes only one step, your email address, name and sex and area in the UK you live. Once you have agreed to the membership terms (just standard stuff) you are a member and can begin adding your contact numbers and completing your profile. Navigating through the website is very easy and it's easy to complete the rest of your profile, add pictures and a video message too. To search the members you need to have your profile completed first which means answering 1 page of questions, just the basics but you have to answer all the questions and there isn't any "Prefer not to say" as an answer, which I don't like (it's too easy to have incorrect answers when people aren't comfortable with having to provide some of the information and having all the questions required to be answered when the information is not confirmed doesn't make the answers reliable, remember that when looking at other profiles, the answers could be wrong). The you have your "Chat up line" in one text box and personal description in another text box (rather vague but answer it as if you were in the third person talking about yourself); you are only allowed 60 characters (and spaces) in your "Chat up line" so watch what you write since there isn't a letter counter or anything to tell you that you've used up the allotted space, which is just silly. If you are only allowed to a certain point what to write there should be a counter to tell you when you've used up all the space, or at least have a smaller text box, not one with 20 lined to allow for 60 characters, it's very misleading. Anyways, when you're done with that page the basics of your profile is complete then it's time to set up your searches. We like both the quick search and the advanced options as well as being able to save your searches. The 'Super Greeting' feature is a nice change to meeting possible matches: create your custom search, set it as default and then click on the 'Super Greeting' button; from this point you'll create a message and (once your message is OK by the administrators) it will be sent to all possible matches according to your choices. It's a real 'Super Greeting' being sent to dozens or even hundreds, of possible dates. We really like the 'Tips and Advice' section that has some great tips for single parents entering the dating world. Overall, you'll like DatingforParents, this is a niche for daters that is refreshing to find. The website could use some work, and better descriptions of what is available for free, what requires a subscription, and where in the world all the features work (although international members can join , to be be a subscribed member you need to be a resident of the UK, so it's not worth joining if you are living anywhere else.).

WHAT YOU'LL FIND: Free to join, complete your profile to be able to search other members. Features include instant chat, pictures and video messages. Easy to access using mobile phone. Subscription required to make contact with others. You can upload your pictures from your mobile phone (UK only) and computer, one video/voice message allowed. Most members in the UK but members. Straight and same sex members allowed.

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Contact Info:

Use website online contact form for member inquiries.

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Allegran LTD
PO Box 62637

For further information please contact or contact the Press Office on 0207 307 3100

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Name: linda strachan
E-mail: Private
Date posted: July 05, 2009 - 06:24 pm
Message: I found that someone (a friend of mine)who had NOT been on the site for several months was noted as being "onlin" within 4 weeks. I brought this to dating for parents attention, gave them the name of the member and they said it was a technical fault. One MONTH later, the date on my friends profile was still showing that he had been online four weeks previously. This is very misleading and I could not trust the information I was seeing on other people's profiles. I again brought this to the agency's attention and I was again told it was a technical error. DO NOT join this agency, you cannot trust anything that is written on their site.


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