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WHAT THEY SAY: Totally Free - We created the site with two key goals in mind: quality and honesty. After building game changing tools to assure member validity and designing easy and elegant interfaces, we wondered how to make it even better. The answer was simple, we decided to keep it 100% free to give the best value in online dating.

Keeping It Honest - It's our belief that who you meet can depend on where you meet. If you hit a spot filled with frauds and cheaters, that's exactly what you are likely to find. If you are looking for more, you surround yourself with like-minded people. The Down To Earth community was created for honest, respectful singles.

RealRatings™ Profile Accuracy - Down To Earth is your community. We've created RealRatings so you can share your experiences with other members in a respectful way. RealRatings are all about proving a person is who they say they are, not how attractive some fake pictures are. It's our tool to keep the community as genuine and safe as can be.

WHAT WE FOUND: Registration is fast, just three pages of the basics and uploading your photo.

For a free dating service this is as much as we expected, obvious advertising for other dating services, which cover the bills, I guess.

Once you've finished the "About Me", and the "Looking For" and the "My Pictures: sections you're ready to start searching for a date, or some fun people to meet online.

So just go ahead and click the "Search" and see who's online. You can send "Flirts" that tell people you're interested in them. Just click and it's done.

Check your member inbox to see the messages you've received and if there are any flirts waiting for you. Your searches can be a one click with the most active profiles shown and you can set search results by your preferences as well. In your account settings you can block other members and change your basic account info and even suspend your account from being shown.

Click to go "Home" and have everything that is offered for service son one page. The one good feature we like about this service. Have fun here, upload a bunch of photos and see who you meet.

Overall, this service is quite basic, but for the price it could be a bigger service soon. Search results are limited to 500 profiles... and interesting limit that does not allow you to see how many total members there are.

About the RealRatings™ Profile Accuracy feature... After you've communicated with someone, we'll begin asking if you've met face-to-face. If so, we encourage you to rate them on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, where 1 star means "not even close" and 5 "true to life."

We believe that if people know they'll be called out on outdated pictures and little white lies in their profiles, they'll be less likely to post them. As part of our community you can help us keep the site full of honest and respectful singles.

WHAT YOU'LL FIND: Basic dating service, free membership and contacts with lots of advertising. Easy signup and fast profile search results. Only for American residents, straight sexual orientation and same sex, people that are single, divorced, widowed are welcomed as members.

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