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WHAT THEY SAY: is one of the world's leading dating sites with nearly 7 million members and has several innovative features including webcam chat. Online, mobile and local phone chat options makes Easy Flirt a great place to connect!

WHAT WE FOUND: Free to join, free for women to send messages to men. There is a free trial period that is point based, you use up points as you chat to others, use the webcam chat and view member profiles. Searching for other members is free and easy, with simple and advanced search options available. There is a three page registration, easily enough filled out starting with which type of dating activity you want to join, Love or Adult.

You can’t switch later so choose carefully. Of course you could join again using a different member name and profile if you want. Be sure to add a picture on this step, minimum size to picture so be sure to have one that is at least a 2x2 inch size or 150x150 pixels or larger on your computer. Not sure about a maximum size, but there could be one. Save yourself a step and edit a nice headshot of yourself to add to your profile.

You have a webcam, use it to take a nice picture! On the third registration page “The last step before happiness” watch how you select the country region and state/provinces. Once the area is selected you need to click the “validate” button before continuing filling out your registration. You’ll be choosing the most likely type of person you’d like to chat with and meet and I suggest selecting all the options, even if it includes a 300lb woman that is a Capricorn, has green eyes and is balding.

To confirm your registration the next step is a trip to your inbox for your validation code. You will still enter Easy Flirt as a member if you don’t validate so take your time, but you will need to click on the code link eventually. And as a bonus for becoming a free validated member you’ll be able to download the “Easy Flirt” calendar” which features pictures of attractive women or men, depending on your first profile selection, in a screensaver.

Your profile will be approved before it shows up in the “newest member” section, so you may have to wait a while before people can find you to chat with, but that won’t stop you from going forward with all the features that are available here.

First step, on your member page select under “parameters” the webcam option and be sure to select yes to telling people you have a webcam. Other features include adding a voice message to your profile and a lot more pictures. There is a cost to the voice message feature so be sure you know what you want to say before you call the number provided. The price will be plainly indicated so feel free to investigate this option.

You’ll have a lot more messages if you download and install the “dating messenger” a type of Instant Messenger that notifies you when your Easy Flirt friends are online as well as if you have any messages. It’s easier than it sounds so I recommend you download and use this feature. Watch the top of page links on your home page.

They become active when you have visits to your profile, messages, kisses sent to you, Easy Flirt friends online and chat options available. Membership costs are determined by the country you are in and are available as subscription, full access that is monthly or longer, or point based, purchase points and use them as you use certain features but it is always free to search for members, you’ll use your points as you mostly as you contact other members. Paid members have unlimited support, so if you get tied up with using a feature, you’ll have speedy help.

WHAT YOU'LL FIND: Free to join, instant free trial period allows you to use all features. Select Love or Adult section when you join, Love for dating and relationships, Adult for racier connections. Instant messenger chat, webcam chat and local phone chat options to get you connected to other singles.

Free for women to contact men, men must have a subscription or points to contact women. Membership pricing in the local currencies that are in the Easy Flirt system, America, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America, Asia and Oceania.

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Membership subscriptions and accounts (prices may vary by location, currency and time, subject to change)

Points plan
- Members search, 0 points
- Viewing a profile, 10 points
- Reading an email, 200 points
- Writing an email, 200 points
- Chatting with someone, 400 Points

Subscription plan: The advantages
- Unlimited access to chat facility
- Unlimited written messages
- 10 times longer messages
- Unlimited written messages consultation
- Unlimited profile consultation
- Priority validation of profile
- Access to customer service
This is a paid for service, subject to certain conditions:
Free for women wishing to contact men.
Paid for in the case of a woman wishing to contact another woman.
Paid for in the case of a man wishing to contact a woman.
After using up the points offered on registration which enabled you to discover our service, you will be offered different paid for options in order to continue using the site.

1 year access
One payment of 134,99 CAD 11,25 CAD per month 73% saving
3 month access
One payment of 74,90 CAD 24,97 CAD per month 41% saving
1 month access
One payment of 41,99 CAD 41,99 CAD per month

1) Unlimited subscription by credit card (3 possibilities):
One-month subscription: 29,90 EUR / 44,95 CHF / 19,95 GBP / 34,99 USD / 41,99 CAD /
Three-month subscription: 49,90 EUR / 84,90 CHF / 34,90 GBP / 64,90 USD / 74,90 CAD /
One-year subscription: 94,90 EUR / 147,95 CHF / 65,95 GBP / 114,99 USD / 134,99 CAD /
These subscriptions are renewable by default; however, you can stop this renewal whenever you wish, by clicking on a link in your member part (So as to avoid any litigation, the withdrawal of your subscription is to be carried out at least 1 day before the date of normal renewal of your subscription).
If you wish, you can extend your membership. The subscription method is one by default when you choose to pay by credit card, that is to say, a subscription which is renewed by tacit agreement for the same period. You have the option to terminate this renewal online as from the 1st day of your subscription without losing the benefit of the subscription. So you remain subscribed until your subscription expires, if you decide to unsubscribe during the period. Once you are subscribed, an unsubscribe link appears in the page for changing your information.
By becoming a subscribing member, you will have access to e-mail assistance and you also have the option to request us to unsubscribe you.
If you wish to delete your profile and no longer benefit from the site immediately, you should unregister.

2) Using a credit card to purchase points:
Using a credit card to purchase 10.000 points: 64,00 EUR / 104,00 CHF / 44,00 GBP / 84,00 USD / 97,00 CAD /
3) Unlimited paid for access per minute:
If you have a slow-speed connection, you have the option of downloading a dialler which will connect you at EUR 1.35 per call + EUR 0.34 per minute. In order to avoid any problems, you will be disconnected automatically after 40 minutes (equivalent to a charge of EUR 15)

If you have a high-speed connection, you have the option of browsing the site without limitation by calling a surcharged number which will connect you at EUR 1.35 per call + EUR 0.34 per minute and whilst keeping your handset off the hook for the time that you spend surfing. To avoid any problems, the call will be terminated automatically after 40 minutes (equivalent to a charge of EUR 15).

4) Special Offer
A subscription from 24 hour for 3 Euros
You subscribe to a special offer that gives you access to all the services of the site during 24 hours for 3 Euros (payment by Bank card). At the end of these 24 hours, this offer will be automatically transformed into a renewable monthly subscription of 29.90 Euros. However, if you do not wish to take the monthly subscription, you can stop it during the 24 hours of the special offer if you go to your Member Area > My subscription > Manage my subscription > Stop my subscription. Note that if you stop the subscription, you continue to profit from the Special Offer until the end of the 24 hours period.

Support contact:
Members who have taken out a paid for subscription have access to free customer support via e-mail in their Member Area
For others, you can contact customer support:
- by phone, from Monday to Friday: 09.30 a.m. to 12.30 a.m. and 02.00 p.m. to 06.00 p.m. (Paris GMT) on:
+33 899 650 654 paid-for service: EUR 1.35 for the call, plus EUR 0.34 per minute
- by letter, sent to the following address:
2 L MULTIMEDIA Easyrencontre, 3 Pré Félin, 74940 Annecy le Vieux, France, stating your alias (user name)


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