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About Eharmony: Find a Match for Life! eharmony uses a scientific matching technology to match highly compatible singles on core values.

A series of more than 700 questions takes you through the steps of building the "Book of You" but don't worry, the questions don't have to be answered all at once and are usually answered as you check out your matches and answer the same questions that they have already answered.

Using this style of questionnaire takes the effort away from answering all the questions at once and allows you to better see the person whose profile you are visiting. eharmony brings together people who are looking not just for a date, but for a long-term commitment. Utilizing the expertise of noted author and psychologist Dr. Neil Clark Warren, eharmony works! 

What We Found: Arguably one of the best online dating services, eharmony certainly continues to rank in the top three, if not at number one, because of it's method of bring people together that can appreciate their similarities and differences.

Joining eharmony is as much of a journey of self-discovery as it is a process that will lead you to find love.

You will discover more about yourself and how you truly match with other people, you will find your real your goals for dating and finding a compatible match becomes more possible as you complete the vast questionnaire that leads to your detailed personality profile, "The Book of (your name)".

This is the first of five steps as a match is found for you and communication is guided through the first awkward introductions. You are able to exchange photos and emails with your match anonymously through the eharmony system once you become a paid member and during special promotions usually around Memorial Day (Canada: Victoria day) weekend and Labor day weekend (USA and Canada).

We recommend that you take the web site tour before you complete the questionnaire, so you have a greater understanding about how eharmony works and why, if you've grown tired of dull people and false personal ads, you'll know how you are matched with 10 to 25 personality compatible singles.

You receive information about your matches before you have to become a paid member to make contact and your identity is confidential until you decide to reveal yourself to your match.

Expect a lot of time and soul searching to get through the personality profile and the next few pages. is serious about the work and information it takes to find you the "match of your life" so expect to spend at least a couple of hours filling out the personality profile and the pages devoted to finding you your match.

We have heard that most matches happen at the 4 to 6 week mark of membership so don't give up early. Keep in mind, you can only be matched up with other people that are members too... so you just may have to wait a bit until they join.

Achieving a lifetime of happiness with the right person is worth slogging for a couple of months, right?

About SecureCall. This is a great feature that allows you to speak with your matches while maintaining your personal privacy. Now you can safely call your matches and talk with them without giving away you phone number or other phone personal information inadvertently. I'm glad that has embraced this wonderful piece of technology for their subscribers.

What You'll Find: Free to join and have your personality profile completed. During the special Free Communication Weekends you can use the guided communication to send smiles and ask predefined and custom questions to learn more about them. You will need to become a member to make more direct and personal contact with your chosen matches.
If you're serious about finding the right person, your dream match in life and your life partner, you have to join eharmony and give it a try. does work best for people in large urban areas better than small towns just because of the ratio of members to the general local population. But don't let that stop you.
But if you're willing to travel for love and live in a small town, try eharmony first! Straight personals only.

Eharmony Free Communication Weekends

Appearing several times a year, you will use Eharmony's guided communication to exchange questions and answers with potential matches. You will want to send out a lot of smiles and it's best if you've taken the time, from 30 minutes to 2 hours, to complete as much of your profile and answer as many questions (over 700) as you can.

Your excitement will quickly rise as your smiles are returned and you exchange messages with other members. Plan on spending an hour or two each day of the free communication weekend asking and answering.

Once you both have passed through the main three guided communication steps you can exchange messages until the free communication weekend ends.

You should have several photos of yourself at the ready, including head shots, full body standing photos and pictures of you doing something and in different places outside for the best possible presentation of your dating profile. Try to not have other's in the photos, it's a turn-off for most.

When you're ready it will be time to upgrade. Don't hesitate, you've gone this far, why allow a few dollars to get in your way of finding the love of your life?

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