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WHAT THEY SAY: A simple and fun way for anyone to express themselves on a daily basis, Fotolog allows members to easily publish an online photo diary, or photo blog, and share it worldwide. What makes Fotolog special is not just the ability to post photos, but the ability to connect with people. While many people use Fotolog to stay in better touch with their friends and family, others use it to explore the wider Fotolog universe, discover the photos of new people from around the world, participate in group projects and, perhaps most importantly, receive personal feedback on their photos.

WHAT WE FOUND: Fotolog is where you share your daily life one picture at a time, once a day, with your family, friends and the Fotolog members. Fun, yes! Although Fotolog takes a little getting used to (itís rather basic presented at the time of this review) I can see this being an addictive service for those that are photo-oriented and expressive. The basic member limit of uploading one photo a day at first use seems restrictive and counter-productive to making this type of social website work well, but once you start, youíll find yourself being very selective of the photos you do decide to share with your friends, and the Fotolog audience in general. I am impressed that Fotolog expressly states that this is not a personal photo album service. No hundreds of photos of grannyís 80th birthday party will be found here. You wonít waste your one-a-day limit uploading those pictures unless youíre very, weirdly, compulsive. You will find Fotolog a free service that allows you an expressive environment that your family and friends (and growing social network of other Fotologgers) to display the best of your images as well as ample space for your comments about your pictures and room for guests and your Fotolog network to comment on your pictures. Beyond the free membership (with the one-a-day photo upload limit) is the Gold membership which gives you more freedom of uploads (six images a day) as well as more customization of your Fotolog member page, a listing in the Gold member directory, thumbnail image of your photo beside your Fotolog name and a few other goodies that would make the very low monthly fee a reasonable expense for the truly Fotolog converted. Get out your camera and share some pictures!

WHAT YOU'LL FIND: Free membership is great to use and very functional, Gold membership available for some fun extra features. Upload limit of one picture a day for free members. Great social network for a daily diary of you in pictures. Service is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese. Adult images and themes will get you banned.

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