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WHAT THEY SAY: Now online dating is all about getting offline. Just say “How about we…” and post the dates you want to go on. Check out people who like what you like. Make plans and go out! How it works: Each day we'll send you new dates that match your interests. And, of course, we'll send the dates you post to people who might like them. Then you can check out people's profiles, message, and go out. It's fun, easy and natural. People are at their best when they're doing what they really like to do. And that's what HowAboutWe is all about: helping you to find people who like the same places and want to do the same things as you.

WHAT WE FOUND: I can't really be certain if is just another fad in the online dating world or if they really have something unique to bring to the dating experience.

Having to sign-up before you can take a peek inside really sucks, but then, if you scroll to the bottom of the page there are some links that will let you at least get a fell for the service.

More for Americans than other countries, you still might find someone interesting if you join. I'm not certain if starting off with a first date idea before you've exchanged messages is a plus or not. How many people do that, really?

A dating service centered on that idea had better have something else great to offer.

The sign-up doesn't take too long but you have to answer the questions and have a photo ready to upload before you're admitted. One plus is they'll keep your preference for meeting someone of your own faith private (hopefully to match you up similarly).

You will have your first date idea posted before you get very far, once that is done, skip the rest and get inside to look around and search some strangers in your area. They say that you should answer the questions because people that do get more dates but it's not what I suggest to do until you're more familiar with and feel comfortable about posting so much very personal things.

Of course this is a fee-based service, or invite three friends and when they join you're rewarded with being able to see other members profiles. The per-month cost is fair at $8.00 a month (lower for extended membership periods).

There's been some recent new stories and interviews with the co-founders speaking of their "anti-scammer" technology. My fear is that the membership fee is too low to make that gamble of finding someone to fleece is too low and by playing right into the first date fantasy many people might mistake what should be a dating service is instead offering something more than that. Time will tell. Use some thick skin with their mobile dating app too. exchanging a few words doesn't always make a great first meeting.

I do have concerns about signing up as a "straight man seeking a woman" and being sent a man's profile in their daily email of "dates". I have yet to complete my profile, other than the basics of my location and and my profile picture (I skipped the rest to be completed later) so why I am being sent members that are not in my country and many hundreds beyond the area I listed members to be located in, so far has a barely passable grade.

The Highlights:

Easy to get interested in, a novel approach to meeting people.

The Lows:

Gotta pay to play. Either with cash or by inviting friends and letting them know what the hell you're doing online now. Easy to use with facebook, again, tell the world what you're doing. Unsatisfying search, maybe better for people in larger urban areas. Minimal perks for free members. They say hundreds of thousands of "dates" have been posted on the site, really they mean "date ideas", don't get caught up in the promotional wording.

Inaccurate or slopping "location matching", and even sexual preference matching.

WHAT YOU'LL FIND: Easy to join, a few minutes worth of "must answer" questions before you get a good look. Low membership costs but without paying you'll never be certain what you're getting here. Straight, same sex and even something for couples (!?) available.

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