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WHAT THEY SAY: is a simple site, dedicated to people who are serious and driven in the pursuit of a real connection. Every paying customer will receive a comprehensive evaluation and profile. In addition the “ oath” will be required from all clients who are interested in the opportunity for a long lasting and possibly marriage oriented relationship.

We are not a site for everyone but if your intentions are genuine you may only need and a little luck to find the person of your dreams.

WHAT WE FOUND: has a single goal, finding you someone to marry. Joining for free starts you off with a rather large registration form to complete first. Based in the UK members are from all over the world. With this being a new site the membership isn't overly large but participation does have its rewards, new members are joining all the time and these are singles that are seeking marriage, not to make new friends, or to go on casual dates. It's refreshing to have a service that is in the marriage business that also has local members for you to meet.

If you start from the home page of the web site you can do a search or click the "Join Free" link, both take you to the registration page. Allow about 4 minutes to complete the first page of the form and then you will have step two to complete. This is all about you, so be specific to your answers to these 8 categories. Pick 1, 2, 3 answers in relevance to how you see yourself. Once completed click the submit and login with your username and password.

Your profile will later be reviewed, I suppose. I don't understand why you're told you'll need to check your email for your password when you've already chosen a password when signing up and there is no confirmation link you need to click for security purposes, to log into the service. Very lax, anyone can be anyone with this type of non-security registration. You can search, complete your profile but you cannot see "more info" about any members, or send flirts, until your profile is approved. Nothing on the site says how long this takes, so give them a few hours up to 2 days.

The features are easily accessible and you could spend a lot of time adding pictures to your profile as well as video and audio files. Find these features under the "My Media" link. You can search members by a basic feature search and an advanced feature search. Add the "Match Mail" system to be emailed when members join that fir your search choices.

I didn't see anything about the "Pledge" you must agree to on the site. Maybe I didn't look hard enough? There are no links to this "pledge". Nothing on the help page. This is extremely curious if not outright misleading.

Overall is a service that only works if you put in the effort. The good news is that a lot of people have posted their profiles and completed a lot of info about themselves so you have a lot of profiles to read and people to chat with, send free flirts. Upgraded memberships required to send and reply to email messages.

WHAT YOU'LL FIND: I couldn't get the Userplane chat to work and there was no message whether this is a paid member only feature. If you find out please add this to the review below. The "Help" questions really aren't all that helpful, hopefully they will add more information on how to start and use better. There are a lot of members, many haven't fully completed their profiles or added pictures and are only standard members. You may have a poor experience here, depending on how members in your area approach using this service.

It's interesting that for a site dedicated to marriage you have a choice of relationship you seek: marriage or long term relationship. That opens up a lot of incongruities between members, I would think. Premium membership needed to contact other members except for sending free flirts. Straight and same sex members allowed.

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Membership pricing (Effective Nov 2009)
$24.95 - 1 Month Membership
$54.95 - 3 Months Membership
$114.95 - 6 Months Membership
$149.95 - 12 Months Membership

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