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Kids No Object

WHAT THEY SAY: Everyone you see on our database is either a single Mum or Dad, or happy to meet someone who is! We entirely remove the problem of meeting people not prepared to accept your family - without which - any new relationship will be doomed to failure.

WHAT WE FOUND: Free to join. Must be a paid member to see exact location of members, send/receive messages, talk to members on the phone via their CallSafe number, or leave a Voicemail message, invite members to chat, join “Buddies” friendship service, and contribute to the discussion forum.

Free members can send Mini-Messages to those who interest them, and also send Mini-Messages back to people who message them - before they pay.

Profiles are simple and easy to read. There is information about who this person is and who they are interested in, as well as details about their appearance and lifestyle. Actions include emailing the member, add to favorites, and block member.

Two types of searches: by postcode and by region.

WHAT YOU'LL FIND: Free to join but must be a paid member to contact members, chat, see member’s location, and join in the discussion forum. Two types of searches.

Memberships are £16.95 for 3 months, £29.95 for 6 months, or £49.95 No-Time-Limit membership (as of August 2009).

RELATED CATEGORIES: Single Parents - Britain

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Name: Zadie Fisher
E-mail: Private
Date posted: January 17, 2012 - 02:37 pm
Message: This business is now based in Spain so if you want to send a photo or a letter you have to send it abroad.You don't point out in your review that you have to pay to read a pre-written mini message sent to you and chosen from their list, which can be a completely negative one and you don't know until you have paid. The database is very small - there are few men, and a lot of the members are totally inactive/don't reply - the discussion forum is rarely used if at all and is censored by the management as is the content of the profiles. On the plus side the fees are reasonable, and the site is better than the completely free sites.

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