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WHAT THEY SAY: Connect with other men and women who care about people, animals, and the earth for love, friendship, romance and marriage. Meet people interested in the environment, meditation, yoga, spirituality, global warming, united nations and the like.

WHAT WE FOUND: Meet Your Greens is a new service for the people that care about other living things, besides people, and aim for a higher degree of understanding of our environment through lifestyle choices (meditation, spiritualism, dietary choices). Join for the free trial and (at the time of this review) you will receive a full access 6 month free trial and also be rewarded with 6 gift vouchers worth a free month full access membership to share this service with other singles that you know. Allow about 5 minutes to complete the profile questionnaire and to add up to 3 pictures of yourself with your profile, then go forth and begin browsing/searching the service. Since this is a very new service, your profile will receive a lot of visits and you should also be ready to reply to a lot of messages.

WHAT YOU'LL FIND: Member only personals for “green people”. Currently, full access is free for 6 months. Pictures can be included with your profile. Large amount of links to related environmental and lifestyle web sites. New features scheduled to be introduced soon. Straight and same sex personals available here.

RELATED CATEGORIES: International - Free Services

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Name: bluejay79
Date posted: October 26, 2009 - 11:53 am
Message: Why is meet yougreens web site not accessable. It say's account closed. I can't even log in. What happened?????


The most important thing to get right on MYG is your Profile. That is how you create your first impression. Even if you initiate the contact people are going to go immediately to your Profile before replying, so it will still play an important part in creating a the right impression.

What makes a great Profile? One that works! A great Profile is simply one that attracts the kind of people you want. Your Profile is an opportunity to present yourself in ways that will attractive to the kind of people that you find attractive.

A great Profile needs to say:
a) something about the types of person we like.
b) something good we can say about ourselves.

Writing a Profile can be a real chance to see what goes on at the back of our mind about relationships. What comes up for you in creating a Profile may be what comes of you in whatever you do about finding a partner. It can be a chance to look at those issues and be able to step back a little and see if there is something blocking you.

Using myself as an example, like many people I am resistant to the idea of 'selling' myself. However, this is something we need to get over if we want to do well in the dating game. It's not that we need to come on like an in-your-face door-to-door salesman, it just that we need to make a bit of effort to put our best foot forward.

Would you go into a shop that put its worst products (or the contents of their rubbish bin!) on display in their window? Or, one where the shop window is mostly empty? Yet, that is what many people do with their Profiles and then wonder why nobody responds in the way they want.

It is almost like they are saying 'I know you are not going to like me so I wont bother trying'. Could be they are just too busy to get round to making the effort, but how are the rest of us supposed to figure out what the person is really like?

Some people 'do not like to put on a front'. But, what they do instead is put on a BAD front. There is no way to avoid putting on a front in some shape or form. It is like having 'no weather'. It is not possible.

In trying to not put on a front someone may come across as sloppy, clueless, dumb, or a person who does not treat themselves with respect. Most people are in no hurry to connect with someone who comes across like that.

What I really mean by a 'BAD front' is one that does not create the results you want. That's all. If what you do works for you, great. If not, then maybe its time for a wee change, or two.

If you can't be you, who ya gonna be? If someone can't be bothered being there for themselves there is no chance you can be bothered being there for, or with, someone else. And, people will pick up on that attitude and not bother either - till changes are made.

Somewhere inside you know that you have something valuable to offer other people. You can't avoid having it. God put it there. Why not let a bit of it show? What else is life for?

Or, are you going to rely on people's psychic abilities to tell them that you are worth getting to know? I don't recommend that approach...:)


What good things have people said about you - ever ? Make a list and see what you can use. Leave out the ones like, 'He/she looks so cute in that baby outfit!'. Get some of those into your Profile.

If you are worried that it might sound like you are boasting, if you say nice things about yourself, try putting 'friends say I am' before you start your list. Of course, this is a well-tried technique, but it works. We want to use what works.

Many people are looking for someone with a GSOH (Good Sense of Humor). It is mentioned so many times (in Profiles, personal ads etc) that if you do have a good sense of humor, it is well worth saying so. Or, even better, show how humorous you can be in what you say in your Profile!

What are you looking for? What do you like in other people? Make a list. You might want to reduce your list, if it requires the other person to be perfect in every possible way.

Focus on what you want; not on what you don't want. A mountain biking friend of mine tells me that the most important thing when out on a trail (especially in negotiating a difficult or dangerous one) is to keep your attention on where you want to go; and not on where you don't want to go.

He told me about one time he was out biking on a trail with a drop to one side. He realised that if he let his attention go to the drop he would drift toward it - no matter how badly he did not want to go there! He quickly learned to keep his attention on the path and not on the drop.

Writing a Profile is like that. (Life is like that!) We have to keep our attention on where we want to go and what we want to have. Of course, in life we may have had negative experiences which can shape what we expect to happen now. These can tend to keep our attention too much on thinking about what we don't want. But, that just makes us drift towards more of what we don't want. However, we can choose to use this moment to put the past aside and keep our attention on what we want.

There is no point in focussing on the negative. Occasionally I come across Profiles with phrases like 'I really hate liars' or something along those lines. Oddly enough, I've noticed that it is not uncommon for the ones who say that, to turn out to be scammers (ie they are liars) and I have to ban them.

Of course, not everyone who uses that kind of phrase is a scammer (they may be just wounded, or had a bad experience) but having something ugly like that in a profile is just not attractive. And, sounding wounded just comes across as being from a 'high maintenance' type of person. Everyone has had bad experieces of some kind. What most of us are looking for is someone who can rise above their bad experiences and help us rise above ours.

It is worth spending quality time on how you present yourself. It shows other people that you respect yourself and automatically tends to make them respect you too.

Fear of rejection is a big thing for many of us, but there is no need to let that hold you back. I'll say more about rejection, and powerful ways get over it, in another newsletter (probably in the next one).

For now, please remember: keep to your attention on where you want to go and what you want to have. Keep your attention on the path not on the drop. Maybe think about whether you Profile really does you justice and make some changes.



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