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WHAT THEY SAY: Mix was created out of the founder’s frustration with the online dating world and the need to more efficiently develop a social network upon moving to a new city. Singles will always have a need for online dating, but Mix offers an alternative to those who would also like to meet people and develop relationships in a more natural, fun and spontaneous fashion; those that believe that chemistry can only be established by physically meeting someone face-to-face; and those who want to socialize whenever they want, regardless of whether or not their friends are available.

WHAT WE FOUND: A great idea for an online contact service that provides real world informal meetings for people. This American service is free to join and you can be meeting a group of people later this week at bar mixers, coffee house mixers, and other venues as participants select.

Somewhat like a blind date, except you know what the other people look like. Mix and Meet is free to join and use (I expect this to change once the service is out of Beta) and free to contact others, since this is a face-to-face service. To join just complete the membership section and fill in as much as you like on your profile page.

You don't need to add a picture but if you decide to go to a mixer you'll need to have a photo submitted for other attendees to see you and recognize you when you arrive. Mix and Meet is also mobile in the US, so you can search for, and join mixers by texting on your phone.

A super great idea for getting people together in relaxed, no "date pressure" mixers of 5 to 7 participants, ideally 3 men and 3 women. And you can even bring a friend to a mixer and they don't have to be a Meet and Mix member.

Mix and Meet

WHAT YOU'LL FIND: Free to join and use social mixer club. Using online geographical and profile matches Meet and Mix brings people together in local places to meet and mix. No fees, mobile access to the service in US, currently only US members and mixer venues available.


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