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WHAT THEY SAY: On our service, men can't write to you unless you have chosen them. Simply add a guy to your cart to create a connection. Then, you can send one another messages for as long as you want - it's free to send messages and will always be that way. If the conversation doesn't go your way, remove the guy from your cart and he'll no longer be able to get in touch - it's as simple as that.

WHAT WE FOUND: Mr.Right helps me believe that there still is some creativity to be found with online dating services and it should be noted that the Aussies have led the way. Although Mr.Right is only an Australian dating service it's unique enough to be needed everywhere but isn't an export candidate because of those picky "equality laws" that civil libertarians though at us. Enough said.

Mr.Right is a free dating service for men and free to join for women, but the ladies will have to pay a membership fee if they want to communicate with the men. It's only fair, after all, Mr.Right only let's the women choose who can contact them. The entire experience for men is to join and complete the profile section, upload a picture, and wait for a lady to add the guy to their "shopping cart" which then allows the women to send messages to the men they have "shopped" and the men can respond.  It's all good fun.

The profile information is quite basic and is easily completed in a couple of minutes. Guys, if you don't have a picture don't bother. Remember, it's the women that will pick you to communicate with, all you can do is keep checking for messages, so without a photo with your profile it'll be  along wait.

The control of the entire dating experience is in the hands of the women members. I like it. I hope this concept makes Mr.Right wildly popular if only for the creative approach to online dating.

WHAT YOU'LL FIND: Free to join for men and women, women must pay a membership fee to communicate. Straight dating only, residents of Australia only. Unique concept and fun communication guides makes this a great site to become a member with.

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