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What They Say: OmniDate Makes Online Dating Fun! Online dating should be romantic, exciting and most of all – fun! Unfortunately, according to a survey by Jupiter Research, only 1 out of 4 users are “satisfied” with online dating sites. So OmniDate founders, Igor and Ravit, a madly-in-love couple who found each other later in life, decided to build a different kind of online dating experience. OmniDate is virtual dating, the next generation of online dating. With OmniDate, singles enjoy great conversation, romantic scenery, get-to-know-you games and wonderful music. They chat, laugh, and build common experiences, all while on a virtual date.

What We Found: Omnidate is a fun free service that includes a feature hinted at by so many other online dating services: the Virtual Date. With no membership fees, an easy signup and a well planned out web site you'll have fun being online receiving messages from other members and most of all, going on virtual dates to get to know people better before you meet them in the real world.

This Virtual date feature is aimed at ending disappointment in real world first dates by giving you fun places to be together online and chat using an avatar with other members that are online and ready for a Virtual Date. There is a rating system called "Charm Score" tied in with the virtual dates to rate members that will help you also find high charm rated members to date as well as a diary for you to keep private message son about the dates and members you've met. Other features include your profile section with a wall for others to post comments on and forum discussions to comment on. Forum topics are very wide-ranging making this a fun area to visit. Another fun feature is being able to post an Omnidate widget or bookmark to your other social websites and invite those friends for a virtual date as well.

There could be more choices for avatars, or maybe a "build it yourself" avatar generator like the EA game "The Sims" had, that would add to the fun of avatar selection with more personalization.

The profile you create as you first join is rather basic but should be expanded on after your membership is confirmed, just by editing what you first wrote. We'd like to see more preset text areas to expand your profile on, instead of just the "wall" (publicly viewable) to add comments about yourself.

Be sure to have a picture ready to upload to add to your profile but make it a good one, you can only have one photo in your profile and there isn't any way to delete a photo other than replacing it with another photo, which is a bad omission on the design of the service.

We like the "you also might like" feature that suggests other members as you choose profiles to view and members to message and chat with and date virtually.


Currently free to use all features including contact, replies to messages and invites to virtual dates. You'll have fun viewing profiles, adding members to your hotlist, writing on member walls and visiting the forums.

The profiles are rather basic with no indication of sexual preference, and only through clicking on "Who's online" or using the advanced search can you easily find people online and browse profiles effectively. The first message I received was from another guy and he made sure to add "I'm not gay" in the chat request which is a good idea if you're looking for any same sex chats, that is, to identify your sexual preference in chat requests, messages, or better yet, add that information to the "About me" profile description of yourself.

There weren't too many people online at the time this review was done but we expect a sharp increase in membership and online time soon.
The message clock is fixed at ET which is a bother if you're not in the Eastern Time zone (-5 GMT).

The terms of use specify that membership charges may be charged. At the time of writing this review there were no fees to be a member and use all features, this may change in the future.

Also of note, has made available their "Virtual Chat" system to be incorporated into other dating service websites, so we may see "Virtual Chat' features appearing on more websites in the future.

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Name: Rebecca
E-mail: Private
Date posted: March 01, 2009 - 10:31 am
Message: I have used the OmniDate virtual dating function on and it is actually a lot of fun. It is nice, as a woman, to have that 'date' experience before deciding if I am ready to meet someone in person.


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