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Planet Earth Singles

WHAT THEY SAY: A green-friendly dating site. We cater to environmentalists, animal rights activists, vegetarians, vegans, and others that care about people and the environment.

WHAT WE FOUND: Free to register and create a lengthy, in-depth profile.

As a nonpaying member you can post a profile, do searches, reply to emails, send hellos, indicate interest, favorites, Compatibility and Sexual IQ, and edit your profile. Must be a paid member ($14.95 US per month) to initiate messages, send IMs, use the chat room, and post comments.

Profiles are put into five sections. The first is of the photo of the member. The second is of your list of favorites. The third is the member’s profile, including when they registered, which also includes interactions such as send hello, send message, add to favorites, send to a friend, report user, block user, remove from search, and whether or not you are interested in that member. The fourth is the member’s photo gallery. The fifth is a more detailed profile of the questions the member has answered.

Five types of searches: Detailed, Saved Searches, Quick, Username, and Keyword.

WHAT YOU'LL FIND: Free to register, create a profile (which is quite lengthy), do searches (5 types), send hellos, reply to emails, indicate interest, faves and Compatibility and Sexual IQ. Must be a paid member to initiate messages, IM, chat room, and comment.


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