Review of Thai Holiday (Thai Wives)

Thai Holiday (Thai Wives)

WHAT THEY SAY: If you are a respectable, unattached gentleman and have decided that you would like to meet, get to know, and hopefully marry a traditional Thai lady, we have the perfect solution for you. Our unique service is based around introducing you to Thai life, culture and custom, as well as some respectable people within our local community - all you have to do is fill out an application form.

WHAT WE FOUND: Their introduction service is free because when you eventually visit Thailand, they recommend that you stay with then as they are the only English-speaking service in the immediate area, and you would have easy access to them when you need them. They recommend you should plan to stay for at least 10 days, this being the least time that they consider you should need their introduction service.
They offer two levels of stay. An all-inclusive comprehensive holiday package and guest-house based accommodation. In order to discover the details of their extensive, all-inclusive holiday package, you will need to visit the parent web-site You are also welcome to use any other hotel or guest-services in the city.
All of their ladies are personally known to them or their extended family. They also personally interview each applicant to ensure that they understand their intentions and expectations, as well as confirming their personal status through Thai government controlled documentation. You will also be required to establish your status and intentions.
The application form is very basic. Just your name, birth date, email, marital status, physical description, if you have children, intentions of whether or not you will be living in Thailand, your home country and your preferred age range. They will also need some recent clear photos of you, which ideally you should attach to the e-mail, but you can send on at a later date if necessary. Once they have all of the data requested, they will provide you with feed back and pose you any questions that your details generate.
After you fill out the application form, they will then pass on the information to some of their lady applicants who’s profile fits your interests, passing their comments back to you via email. If you wish to correspond with any of the ladies prior to visiting, they will assist with any translations. Once the lady feels comfortable with you, they will then pass on their cell phone to talk and SMS. They now offer webcam access for you to be able to see and talk to their ladies live online. Arrange a date via e-mail to get to meet online via Yahoo! or Windows Messenger.
Once you have decided to visit they will send you an information pack to enable you to make preparations. If you have concerns about traveling to Thailand alone, they are prepared to escort you, with you just paying for the associated costs to be incurred by us. They will pick you up from the airport and once you are settled in will discuss local relationship etiquette, answer any additional questions and advise you how to act, in the best interest of both parties. They will then discuss their applicants in more detail with you to enable you to make an initial choice, assuming you haven't already made contact with someone via e-mail.
Once you have selected somebody to meet, they will inform them of your interest, and assuming they are also interested in you, will arrange a formal meeting, and will act as chaperone for you, as and when you require.
In the unlikely event that either of you choose not to progress, either after the first, or any subsequent meeting, you can select someone else, until your visit to Thailand ends.
On the site, they also have an extensive list of FAQs concerning the Thai women, the culture and what is expected.

WHAT YOU'LL FIND: Free to join and contact ladies. All ladies are known to or their extended family. Contact is done either through email, mobile phone or video chat. They do provide accommodations when you stay in Thailand but you may chose to stay elsewhere. They also provide translation if necessary and also provide cultural etiquette. Profiles of the ladies are available online to members and non-members, but only members can contact them. Profiles are basic, with a few photos of the ladies, their name, age, physical description, employment, where they live or who they live with, and age range of the man they are interested in.


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