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Yahoo Personals

WHAT THEY SAY: Yahoo! Personals gives Yahoo! users a way to find and interact with other people who may share their interests and goals. Just like a real community, different people may have different opinions and personalities in Yahoo! Personals

WHAT WE FOUND: Free to join, create your profile and search for other members.

To post an ad you'll need to be a Yahoo member so you'll be prompted to do that first before you join to post your profile.

Make sure you upload a photo with your profile, you'll get much better results and most members only search profiles with photos so don't lose this opportunity to be found.

Send an Icebreaker and reply to one Icebreaker for each member that send you one, for free. Subscribe to send regular messages, have unlimited access and continue a conversation that you started with an Icebreaker or want to start chatting with other members. They will need to be a subscriber to continue a conversation but their reply to your first Icebreaker is free.

Because Yahoo! Personals is built around existing Yahoo website areas be sure you don't lose track of where you are. The help feature is quite extensive but it's easy to miss how to get back to the Yahoo! Personals home page.

Create your profile by first agreeing to the Yahoo! Personals code of conduct. This is an important step, so read the code of conduct carefully. It's infesting that this is the only service that doesn't bury this information in the "Terms of use" page like most other dating websites do.

You begin your profile by completing the first of six steps which are quite basic. I like the fact that they use your real first name, if you like, as member name to call yourself. This is a first for many websites throughout the years of my reviews.

The first part of the create a profile section is basic information including how you look your type of personality, home life, and lifestyle. The next section is about the person you'd like to meet and their appearance, lifestyle, home life, personality and how you want to be contacted whether through your Yahoo e-mail or a different e-mail address that you have registered with your Yahoo account. Any messages sent to you are always confidential and any messages you send are anonymous.

I do suggest you sign up for the Yahoo personals newsletter, as it is quite informative and a fun read.

Step three of creating your profile gets into the introduction and description you'd like someone to read about you. take some time to describe you in your ideal match and use the profile assistant if you do need some help, I really like this part of the profile creation process.

At the end of this you're done and you submit your profile. It will be checked to make sure it is within the code of conduct rules that you first agree to and you'll be ready to start receiving messages.

You'll find that there's two ways to find a match, either you can do it yourself for the Yahoo personals system will find a match for you. I suggest browsing first and allowing Yahoo find your match second. But both are quite effective because the service is very easy to navigate. At the end you do allow Yahoo tried to make your profile searchable, show your profile on Yahoo and other partner websites, or keep your profile private and only allow people that you contact first be able to see your profile. I like these choices, they really make Yahoo to stand out.

Once your profile is approved, this takes about 24 hours, you can also add a voice message and a video message to your profile. The search system is fast and easily customizable using zip codes, city names and Importance Levels, so you can narrow down your search and find the singles that you really want to meet.

You can also Be a matchmaker and search for a match for a friend. The friend will then have to become a member, but it's a start to not being single anymore. The Mutual Match system allows you to easily be matched with people that have the same likes and dislikes as you and will automatically alert you so you can send them a message (once you're subscribed to send messages).

And don't forget about the Yahoo Instant Messenger chat program: once you have subscribed you can instantly chat with other subscribed members when they are showing as being online. With Yahoo being one of the largest web destinations, you should become a member to see all of the profiles of people that are in your area. You'll be surprised there are so many singles so close to where you live.

Yahoo!Personals screenshot 2009

WHAT YOU'LL FIND: You'll need to be a member of Yahoo to join and it's free to post your profile. Add voice and video messages to your profile. Chat using Yahoo IM. Add up to 5 pictures with your profile. Become a subscribing member to send and reply to messages. Straight and same sex personals available.

You would expect a large company like Yahoo to get the spelling right on their website. Take a look at this screenshot captured July 13 2009. See how "Singles" is spelt in the phrase "Browse Sinlgles By State"? You would expect better, I know I do. But this doesn't change the fact that Yahoo!Personals is one of the best online dating services for America and Canada.

"Desiree's Top Five Refreshing Approaches"

  • Compliment something about their appearance dress, shirt necklace something very specific. Ask if there is a story behind it.
  • Mention a current event (or oddly enough news nugget) and then ask them what they think about it.
  • Ask them to help you order a drink because the bartender seems to be favoring women tonight.
  • Find something about them, something that intrigues you from afar and them tell them about it.
  • If the object of your affection is on a cell phone, ask them if the call is for you (or if they were trying to get in touch with you).

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Yahoo 6 month promise
Yahoo! Personals is so confident that you’ll meet someone special in six months that they’ve backed it up with a promise: If you do not find someone special by the end of your six-month subscription, Yahoo! Personals will give you another six months for free. It’s easy to be eligible:
* Post an approved searchable profile and primary photo.
* Communicate with at least 5 different people each month.
Yahoo!Personals will automatically email you monthly status updates, so you don’t have to keep track of your eligibility.

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