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5 Rules For Writing Your First Letter To Someone New

How To Respond To The First Message You Receive

You've found an online personal ad that attracts you and you want to reply. But how to go about it so that you don't appear needy, desperate, or just plain weird?

Here are 5 rules to keep in mind when writing that all important first email to someone you'd like to get to know better.

Rule #1
Keep your first email short. It is ok to talk about things you have in common as revealed by the person's ad, but don't go into to great length or detail. This may appear frightening and you'll want some things to talk about later on, after you get a reply too!

Rule #2
Start by introducing yourself and talk about what you do for a living, one or two of your hobbies, but again, keep it short, just a couple of sentences.

Rule #3
Ask a couple of questions. Humor is a good thing here. "What's a nice girl like you hanging out at an online place like this?" Be sure to NOT ask any revealing personal questions, like real name, hometown, address, phone number and the like. You'll come across like a "cyber-stalker".

Rule #4
If you have posted your own ad, make sure it has your picture. Now is a good time to add it if you didn't post it when you signed up. Then tell the person to go and read your profile and see what you look like.

Rule #5
Send only ONE email to the person. More than one will make you appear needy, desperate and just plain weird.
Keep in mind that you may not know how old the profile is that you liked, so you don't really know if the person will even be getting your message at all, whether they still visit this particular dating service or not.

Remember, remain positive, keep reading those personal ads and keep sending out those introduction messages. The right person is out there, and you want to find them rather than waiting for them to find you!

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