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  • Christian Carter's Catch Him & Keep Him

    Confident Women Understand men better than they understand themselves

  • Rori Raye's Have The Relationship You Want

    Relationships Are Hard But you can have the relationship you want

  • Cool Guy With Women

    The Power is Within You Learn the confidence that attracts women

  • Boring predictable guy

    Boring and Predictable The main reason why some guys can't get dates

  • Upset couple

    Arguments Happen Communication is the key to avoiding them in the first place

  • Couple in love

    Attract a Great Guy Start doing the right things to find a great guy today

aLoveLinksPlus editor favorite authors are listed below. Start your dating adventure on a successful path and find the advice you need written by men and women that have already been down that path.

  • Christian Carter

    Catch Him & Keep Him

    Christian Carter

  • Rori Raye: Have The Relationship You Want

    Have the Relationship You Want

    Rori Raye

  • Cool Guy With Women

    Cool Guy With Women

    Feature Writer

  • The Magic of Making Up

    The Magic of Making Up

    T Dub

  • David Wygant

    The Mastery Series

    David Wygant

Life is a journey travelled through trial and error.

The biggest obstacle to finding true happiness isn't learning from our mistakes but identifying what a mistake is and knowing how to avoid making it. Experience is the greatest teacher and you can learn the right path from the experiences of others.

People who are willing to get help to work on improving themselves are usually among the most successful in every area.

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The Coffee Date Is Your First Real Step In Getting To Know Someone

Coffee shop
What is a great way to meet someone for the first time?

Maybe you’ve recently met the person, decided that they are worth a little bit more of your time to get to know a little better, there can be no better way than a carefully planned coffee date.
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